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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019The Use of triadic dialogue in the science classroom: a teacher negotiating conceptual learning with teaching to the testSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
22021Understanding Interactions in Multilingual Science Classrooms through Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT): What Do Contradictions Tell Us?Salloum, Sara ; BouJaoude, Saouma
32020Understanding interactions in multilingual science classrooms through cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT)Salloum, Sara ; BouJaoude , Saouma
42017Science teaching and learning in multilingual Lebanese middle school classroomsSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
52016Science education in multilingual classrooms: the case of a middle eastern countrySalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
62016Science education in complex multilingual contexts: the case of LebanonSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
72016Science education in complex multilingual contexts: challenges and insights from the mediterranean and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regionsSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
82017The place of practical wisdom in science education: what can be learned from Aristotelian ethics and a virtue-based theory of knowledgeSalloum, Sara 
92020National board of medical examiners and curriculum changeOjaimi, Mode ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Younes, Rayya ; Salloum, Sara ; Zgheib, Ghania 
102020Language in teaching and learning science in diverse lebanese multilingual classrooms: interactions and perspectivesSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma
112021Intertextuality in science textbooks: implications for diverse students’ learningSalloum, Sara 
122018Interaction analysis in multilingual science classrooms: analytical frameworks and methodsSalloum, Sara ; Bou Jaoude, Saouma; Siry, C; Espinet, M; Ryu, M; Probyn, M
131-Jan-2022Flipping the Classroom Using the 5E Instructional Model to Promote Inquiry Learning in Online & Hybrid SettingsSalloum, Sara ; Zgheib, Ghania ; Ghaffar, May Abdul; Nader, Marylou
142-Aug-2023The effects of language and home factors on Lebanese students’ mathematics performance in TIMSSYounes, Rayya; Salloum, Sara ; Antoun, Maya 
152017Development of an analytical framework for interaction analysis in multilingual science classroomsBou Jaoude, Saouma; Salloum, Sara 
1627-Jan-2022Current teaching methods in STEM departments – a road map for fundamental university educational reform: evidence from LebanonSabat, Mira ; Abdel-Massih, Roula; Kanaan, Amjad ; Salloum, Sara ; Serhan, Mireille ; Fares, Roula ; Haddad, Nicolas K. ; Melki, Antoine 
172018Contradictions and congruence in multi-lingual science classrooms: an activity theory perspectiveBou Jaoude, Saouma; Salloum, Sara 
1826-Aug-2023Cognitive Presence as a Catalyst for Creating a Community of Inquiry in Online Learning: Insights from a Lebanese Higher Education ContextZgheib, Ghania ; Salloum, Sara ; Azar, Mathilde 
192020Co-constructed rubrics and assessment for learning: the impact on middle school students attitudes and writing skillsAbdul Ghaffar, May; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Salloum, Sara