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Melki, Antoine
ملكي، انطوان
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Murr 111
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013الأب يوحنا رومانيدس : فكر ولاهوتملكي, انطوان 
22015TIN CAN Client Elgg Plug-In : A Proposed Solution to Integrate Social Media with E-Learning TechnologyChammas, Michel ; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
32011Systems Thinking and Significant to Support the Teaching of Health Information SystemsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
42003A survey of the needs to be addressed in adapting to web-based training in the mediterranean arab countriesMelki, Antoine 
52009The role of the lebanese universities in internet governance at the national levelMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine 
62014Proposed search engine algorithm enhancement for arabic information retrievalRebeiz, Rouba; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
72008A Proposed Query Optimization Method to Boost Students Use of Search EnginesBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
82018Open source social technologies for teaching health informaticsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
92014Open source social technologies for teaching computer programmingBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
102014Open source social networks in educationBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
112013Online language tools and university students : Role in knowledge managementZakhem, Imad El ; Melki, Antoine 
122012Learning computer science in schoolsZakhem, Imad El ; Melki, Antoine 
132020Interdisciplinary computing: an epistemological examination and proposed PLOsMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine 
142013Integrating next generation SCORM with social networking platform in higher education: a case study using tin can API and ELGGBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine ; Chammas, Michel 
152017Information and communications technology use as a catalyst for professional developmentMelki, Antoine ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Adra, Omar M. 
162014Improved virtual research environment using a massive open online research (MOOR) platformChammas, Michel ; Dannaoui, Elie ; Melki, Antoine 
172005The implications of disciplinarity in informationMelki, Antoine 
182013Identifying difficulties in learning programming languages among freshman studentsZakhem, Imad El ; Melki, Antoine 
192015Governance and business models in the higher educationJreij, Jocelyne; Melki, Antoine 
202018Global learning as a challenge for the instructional technology units in higher educationMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine ; Nini, Eddy