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Title: Proposed Search Engine Algorithm Enhancement for Arabic Information Retrieval
Authors: Rebeiz, Rouba
Bitar, Amine 
Melki, Antoine 
Affiliations: Department of Computer Science 
Department of Computer Science 
Issue Date: 2014
Conference: Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science (LAAS) International Science Conference (20th : 27-28 March 2014 : Lebanese University, Lebanon) 
Search engines are used to serve the searching activity of the users. While most of the search engines are designed primarily to operate on information expressed in English, the interest of is increasing in the other languages with the increase in the non-English speaking users. Arabic comes among the first 10 languages in the world in terms of the number of users and applications on the internet. This paper represents a research whose objective was to find the characteristics of the algorithms used for Arabic information retrieval and try to minimize the problems of text-based Arabic search through the analysis of their performance. The research proposed an improvement to enhance the search results, taking into consideration the specificities of the Arabic language.
Type: Conference Paper
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