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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015TIN CAN Client Elgg Plug-In : A Proposed Solution to Integrate Social Media with E-Learning TechnologyChammas, Michel ; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
22011Systems Thinking and Significant to Support the Teaching of Health Information SystemsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
32009The Role of the Lebanese Universities in Internet Governance at The National LevelMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine 
42014Proposed Search Engine Algorithm Enhancement for Arabic Information RetrievalRebeiz, Rouba; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
52008A Proposed Query Optimization Method to Boost Students Use of Search EnginesBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
62018Open Source Social Technologies for Teaching Health InformaticsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
72014Open Source Social Technologies for Teaching Computer ProgrammingBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
82014Open Source Social Networks in EducationBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
92020Interdisciplinary Computing : An Epistemological Examination and Proposed PLOsMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine 
102013Integrating Next Generation SCORM with Social Networking Platform in Higher Education : A Case Study Using Tin Can API and ELGGBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine ; Chammas, Michel 
112018Global Learning as a Challenge for The Instructional Technology Units in Higher EducationMelki, Antoine ; Bitar, Amine ; Nini, Eddy
122007Enhancing Students Results in Search EnginesBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
132019Enhanced Face Detection Based on Haar-like and MB-LBP FeaturesDandashy, Tarek; Hasan, Moustapha El; Bitar, Amine 
142013ELGG : An Effective Open Source Social Media for Lebanese Higher Educational InstitutionsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine ; Chammas, Michel 
152012An Assessment of the Use of the Arabic Language Tools in Knowledge ManagementBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
162010An Assessment of the Readiness of Lebanon to Adopt MHealth SystemsBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
172012An Assessment of the Effect of Using Mobile Devices in Teaching Computer Science at Lebanese Private Universities CurriculumBitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine