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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Statistical investigation of the air pollution effect on the human lungsBassil, Assaf; Khoury, Gerard; Fakhreddine, Omar; Kfoury, Adib ; Sabat, Mira ; Sabat, Macole 
22020Sediment diffusion coefficient model for predicting the vertical distribution of suspended sediment concentration in uniform open-channel flowsTerfous, Abdelali; Ghenaim, Abdallah; Sabat, Mira 
32013Prediction of suspended sediment concentrations in river flowsTerfous, Abdelali; Sabat, Mira ; Ghenaim, Abdallah; Poulet, Jean-Bernard; Chiban, Samia
42018First steps toward the investigation of the aerosol transport in the human lungsFakhreddine, Omar; Khoury, Gerard; Bassil, Assaf; Kfoury, Adib ; Sabat, Mira ; Sabat, Macole 
52020Current teaching methods in STEM departments – A road map for fundamental university educational reform: evidence from LebanonSabat, Mira ; Abdel-Massih, Roula M.; Kanaan, Amjad ; Salloum, Sara ; Serhan, Mireille ; Fares, Roula; Haddad, Nicolas K. ; Melki, Antoine 
62018Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Finite Differences : One Dimensional Dirichlet ProblemsIssi, R; Sabat, Mira