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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Using the standardized precipitation index as a key meteorological drought indicator to study climate change impacts on water resources in dry mediterranean environmentsKaram, Fadi; Amacha, Nabil; Mitri, George ; Dominguez, Alfonso
22011Using remote sensing to improve the management of Lebanon's forestsMitri, George 
32013The use of very high spatial resolution SPOT imagery for fire risk characterizationSalloum, Liliane; Mitri, George ; Gitas, Ioannis Z.
42011The use of satellite imagery for the assessment of fire risk associated with repetitive armed conflicts in North LebanonMitri, George ; Nader, Manal ; van der, Molen I.; Lovett, Jon C.
52018Use of field hyperspectral data for monitoring water stress in native tree seedlingsMitri, George ; Sakr, R; Saba, S; Nader, Manal ; Nasrallah, G
629-Apr-2022The Use of Earth Observation Data in Wildfire Risk Management: A Case Study from LebanonMitri, George 
72012Towards monitoring post-fire vegetation cover dynamics in the Mediterranean with the use of object-based image analysis of Landsat imagesMitri, George ; Fiorucci, Paolo
82021Spatial distribution and landscape impact analysis of quarries and waste dumpsitesMitri, George ; Nasrallah, Georgy; Nader, Manal 
92011The role of remote sensing in the implementation of Lebanons national strategy for forest fire managementMitri, George ; Gitas, Ioannis Z.
102019Risk assessment of asbestos-cement roof sheets in Chekka, North LebanonKfoury, Adib ; Mitri, George ; Zakhem, Henri El ; Aouad, Georges 
112021Rain pattern analysis using the Standardized Precipitation Index for long-term drought characterization in LebanonKobrossi, Jamil ; Karam, Fadi; Mitri, George 
122014An object-based approach for fire history reconstruction by using three generations of landsat sensorsKatagis, Thomas; Gitas, Ioannis Z.; Mitri, George 
132014Object-based analysis of landsat legacy and continuity data for mapping fire-affected areas in the mediterraneanKatagis, Thomas; Gitas, Ioannis Z.; Mitri, George 
142015National greenhouse gas inventory report and mitigation analysis for the land use, land-use change and forestry sector in LebanonNader, Manal ; Mitri, George ; Jazi, Mireille; Daia, Roula Al ; Abou Dagher, Manale ; Bou Kamel, Hisham; Aboujaoude, Lea Kai; Daou, Yara; Kabakian, Vahakn
152014Monitoring post-fire shrub recovery on Pinus brutia burned sitesHalabi, Amira El; Mitri, George ; Jazi, Mireille
162014Monitoring post-fire forest regeneration of Pinus brutia in North LebanonHalabi, Amira El; Mitri, George ; Jazi, Mireille
172012Monitoring landcover changes on the coastal zone of north Lebanon using object-based image analysis of multi-temporal landsat imagesMitri, George ; Nader, Manal ; Van Der Molen, Irna; Lovett, Jon C.
182013Modelling vegetation succession in fire affected areas in the MediterraneanFiorucci, Paolo; Mitri, George ; Franciosi, C; Lima, M; Chiara, F; Biondi, G; DAndrea, M.
192016Modelling forest fire danger in Lebanon with the combined use of socio-economic and biophysical variables in object-based image analysisMitri, George ; Antoun, Edward; Saba, Sabine ; McWethy, David
202019Mapping wildfire risk in Lebanon: challenging a stepwise approach for effective purposesZeidan, S; Bacciu, V; Nassif, N.; Mitri, George ; Jezzini, N; Spano, D