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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017An unusual presentation of a primary eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorderFadous Khalife, Marie Claude; Noun, Peter; Semaan, F.; Dagher, R.; Karam, Marc ; Ghaname, w; Ghiye, R; Chaabane, R; Samarani, M; Ojaimi, Mode 
22020National board of medical examiners and curriculum changeOjaimi, Mode ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Younes, Rayya ; Salloum, Sara ; Zgheib, Ghania 
32015Looking for factors that would optimize learning among adolescent Lebanese studentsFadous Khalife, Marie Claude; Feghali, Youssef; Ojaimi, Mode ; Abi Fares, Georges; Soufia, Michel
42017Isolated and stable gallbladder perforation in a 5 year old child after blunt abdominal traumaIssa , I; Alameddine, V Modica; Fadous Khalife, Marie Claude; Ojaimi, Mode ; Ghorayeb, Z
52017Factors that would optimize learning among adolescent lebanese studentsFeghali, Yara; Ojaimi, Mode ; Hadchity, E; Rahal, M.; Ghanem, B.; Greige, W.; Dagher, R.; Nassif, D.; Elias, M.B; Fahed, F.; Fadous Khalife, Marie Claude
62018Effect of probiotic "l.reuteri" association on the reduction of serum bilirubin in neonatal jaundiceMakhoul, George; Mardini, Joelle; Ojaimi, Mode ; Abi Fares, Georges; Hanna, Philip
72017Effect of early versus immediate breastfeeding on the behavior of term newbornsFadous Khalife, Marie Claude; Samarani, M; Abi Fares, Georges; Makhoul, George; Matta, P.; Hadchity, E; Amm, Myriam; Saaybi, J; Fneiche, A; Kerillos, J; Kosseifi, R; Matta, A.; Ojaimi, Mode 
82015A double umbilical mass can hide an omphalomesenteric duct cystOjaimi, Mode ; Hayek, Z.; Fadous Khalife, Marie Claude
92018Does clinical training in pediatrics improve med III students approach to children ?Khoury, Joey El; Ojaimi, Mode ; Fadous Khalife, Marie Claude; M, Valerie; M, Ishak; S, Josephine
102018Comparative study for probiotics and symbiotics versus placebo in pediatrics acute diarrhea: randomized controlled trialHoueiss, Pamela; Farah, Antoine; Noun, Peter; Ojaimi, Mode 
112019Awareness about labia minora fusion among Lebanese pediatriciansAmm, Myriam; Modica, Valeria; Ojaimi, Mode ; Feghali, Hala; Mardini, Joelle
122018AWARENESS ABOUT LABIA MINORA FUSION AMONG LEBANESE PEDIATRICIANSAmm, M.; Khalife, M. C.Fadous; Modica, V.; Feghali, H.; Mardini, J.; Ojaimi, Mode