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Title: Factors that Would Optimize Learning Among Adolescent Lebanese Students
Authors: Feghali, Yara
Ojaimi, Mode 
Hadchity, E
Rahal, M.
Ghanem, B.
Greige, W.
Dagher, R.
Nassif, D.
Elias, M.B
Fahed, F.
Fadous Khalife, Marie Claude
Affiliations: Faculty of Medicine 
Keywords: Epworth
Sleep quality
School performance
Adolescents learning
General average
Subjects: Depressions
Issue Date: 2017
Part of: International journal of development research
Volume: 7
Issue: 9
Start page: 15668
End page: 15673
Introduction: Adolescence has a huge influence on the learning potential of students .Our purpose is to look for factors that impact Lebanese adolescents academic performance. Materials and Methods: A multiregional epidemiological national study from 18 schools during 2014-2015.Questionnaires were distributed to 2506 students 11-18 y.old. Internationally validated scores were used. School performance was evaluated subjectively and objectively. Results were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics. Results: Females had higher average (p<0.0001), lower BMI (p<0.001) and higher score on Depression scale (p=0.008). Reading (p<0.0001), doing homework (p=0.001) and praying (p=0.016) were factors influencing school performance positively. Cellphones (p=0.001), video games (p=0.011) and bedtime sports (p=0.013) negatively impact performance. Lack of sleep, sleep quality index, depression and self-esteem scores negatively influence average - p<0, 0001. Conclusion: Adolescents depression, self-esteem and sleep quality problems should be addressed in schools hoping to optimize adolescents school performance.
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Type: Journal Article
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