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Title: Development of an analytical framework for interaction analysis in multilingual science classrooms
Authors: Bou Jaoude, Saouma
Salloum, Sara 
Affiliations: Department of Education 
Keywords: Classroom Interactions
Analytical Frameworks
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Keynote
Part of: Analyzing interactions in multilingual science classrooms
Start page: 1
End page: 3
Conference: European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) (August 2017 : Dublin, Ireland.) 
This proposal outlines a multilevel framework for analysing interactions in multilingual science classroomsthat uses a Bakhtinian perspective and activity theory. We analysed classroom discourse at different levels:(A) speech genres and teachers and students multilingual language practices, (B) teachers and students meaning making of language practices and authoritarian discourse of governmental language-in-education policies, and (C) multilingual science classrooms as activity systems to identify areas of contradiction and congruence. For Levels A and B, we modified aspects of Mortimer and Scotts (2003) framework. Content, Patterns of Discourse, and Teacher Interventions were identified as aspects of discourse in which language variation practices and issues will surface; these were modified or redefined accordingly. Activity theory guided level C analysis since an activity has a collective object carried out by 'community whereas actions/practices are goal-oriented and taken by a person or group. Through such analysis, we seek to understand teacher and student practices and actions as complex and socially situated phenomena with different mediating artefact, symbolic tools (language), and rules. Activity Systems as an interpretive model helps us compare systems across schools and to identify areas of contradictions and congruence for future action. We demonstrate the framework with video-data from five middle school classrooms of different SES.
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Type: Conference Paper
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