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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Why Do Consumers Negatively Evaluate Green Advertising?Hajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
22013Upgrading the performance of a BMW Si engineHajjar, Samer ; Chaaban, Mohamad; Abou Hasna, Firas
32018The Political Marketing GuideHajjar, Samer 
42017Peut-on utiliser la provocation dans les publicit√© environnementale ?Hajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
52018La contestation de la publicit√© environnementale : perceptions des consommateurs et point de vue des professionnelsHajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
62020Identifying the drivers of resistance to corporate social responsibility : the case of Lebanese SMEsHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
72018How French consumers perceive the ethnic products : the case of Nike HijabHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
82018Examining the Impact of Provocation in Green Advertising on Consumers' Attitudes and PerceptionsHajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
92020Examining Lebanese consumers' negative attitudes toward banksHajjar, Samer 
102018An Empirical Test of a Model of Resistance to Political MarketingHajjar, Samer 
112016The effectiveness conditions for a responsible environmental communicationHajjar, Samer ; Dekhili, Sihem
122018Drivers of resistance to Lebanese political marketing campaigns : An exploratory analysisHajjar, Samer 
132020Attitudes toward femvertising in the Middle East: the case of LebanonHajjar, Samer 
142021Artificial intelligence in marketing education programsHajjar, Samer ; Karam, Scarlett; Borna, Shaheen
152019An analysis of factors affecting mobile banking adoptionHajjar, Samer ; Ouaida, Fadila
162016Acquirers Market Performance : Pre versus Post-SOX 2002 PeriodsKassamany, T; Hajjar, Samer ; Menassa, Elie 
17201750 short stories and examples explaining basic concepts of MarketingHajjar, Samer