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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003VEU : an approach for simulation-based bit-flip injectionZiade, Haissam; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Velazco, Raoul; Helwani, A; Assoum, Ahmad; Mechref, K
22021Two stages parallel LMS structure: A pipelined hardware architectureAkkad, G.; Mansour, Ali; ElHassan, Bachar; Inaty, Elie ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
32004A survey on fault injection techniquesZiade, Haissam; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Velazco, Raoul
42007A Special Purpose Co-Processor Prototype for Virtual Surgery SimulatorsNajjar, Mayssaa Al; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Chendeb, Safwan; Ziade, Haissam
52013SEU simulation by fault injection in PSoC device: Preliminary resultsMansour, Wassim; Velazco, Raoul; El Falou, Wassim; Ayoubi, Rafic 
62014SEU fault-injection at system level: method, tools and preliminary resultsMansour, Wassim; Ramos, Pablo; Ayoubi, Rafic 
79-Apr-2022A Self Referencing Technique for the RC-pLMS Adaptive Beamformer and Its Hardware ImplementationAkkad, Ghattas ; Mansour, Ali; ElHassan, Bachar; Inaty, Elie ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
82014Real-time parallelized hybrid median filter for speckle removal in ultrasound imagesAyoubi, Randa; Bayoumi, Magdy A.; Ayoubi, Rafic 
92020A pipelined reduced complexity two-stages parallel LMS structure for adaptive beamformingAkkad, Ghattas ; Mansour, Ali; Hassan, Bachar El; Inaty, Elie ; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Srar, Jalal A.
102009OV-CDMA system: concept and implementationInaty, Elie ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
112002Non-refreshing analog neural storage tailored for on-chip learningHalabi, Bassem Al; Malluhi, Qutaibah; Ayoubi, Rafic 
122013A method and an automated tool to perform SET fault-injection on HDL-based designsMansour, Wassim; Velazco, Raoul; Ayoubi, Rafic 
132004Injecting bit flips in VHDL models: a comprehensive approach and preliminary resultsAyoubi, Rafic ; Hamzeh, S.; Ziade, Haissam; Velazco, Raoul
14Jul-2023Implementation and Testing of a Practical Product to Balance Single-Phase Loads in a Three-Phase System at the Distribution and Unit LevelsHassan, Moustapha El ; Najjar, Maged B. ; Tohme, Ramez; Daba, Jihad S. ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
152004Hopfield associative memory on meshAyoubi, Rafic ; Ziade, Haissam; Bayoumi, Magdy A.
162016Hardware implementation of a fault-tolerant hopfield neural network on FPGAsClemente, Juan Antonio; Mansour, Wassim; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Serrano, Felipe; Mecha, Hortensia; Ziade, Haissam; El Falou, Wassim; Velazc, Raoul
172017Hardware architecture for stereoscopic image compression based on block matching, watermarking, and hamming codeAkkad, Ghattas ; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Ayoubi, Rafic 
182019Hardware architecture for a shift-based parallel odd-even transposition sorting networkAyoubi, Rafic ; Istambouli, Samer; Abbas, Abdulwahed; Akkad, Ghattas 
192020Hardware architecture for a bit-serial odd-even transposition sort network with on-the-fly compare and swapAkkad, Ghattas ; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Mansour, Ali; Hassan, Bachar El
202017Hardware and software implementation of a stereoscopic image compression technique for internet connected devicesAkkad, Ghattas ; Hassan, Moustapha El ; Ayoubi, Rafic