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Title: A Special Purpose Co-Processor Prototype for Virtual Surgery Simulators
Authors: Najjar, Mayssaa Al
Ayoubi, Rafic 
Chendeb, Safwan
Ziade, Haissam
Affiliations: Department of Computer Engineering 
Keywords: Coprocessors
Medical computing
Subjects: Virtual reality
Field programmable gate arrays
Parallel processing (Electronic computers)
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Part of: Medical Information Visualisation - BioMedical Visualisation –MediViz 2007
Conference: International Conference on Medical Information Visualisation - BioMedical Visualisation (MediVis 2007) (4-7 July 2007 : Zurich, Switzerland) 
Virtual surgery simulators have recently emerged as an important tool in training surgeons. A typical simulator consists of the set of artificial surgical tools, the graphical display, and the processing unit to compute the deformations of the organ under operation. This paper presents a novel 3D fixed-point FPGA-based prototype processor that computes, in a virtual simulator, the deformations of the organ. The proposed processor not only overcomes the fixed organ connectivity faced in previous designs, but also allows real-time computations without any restriction on the number and direction of neighbors for each point in the modeled organ. Furthermore, it provides a scalable system with modular underlying SIMD sub processors. The first generation proof-of-concept system is implemented on 2v8000ff1152-5 Virtex2 device. The second generation system, when implemented on ASIC, is expected to have about x600 speedup over the software solution.
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Type: Conference Paper
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