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120033-D Image registration using neural network approach and evaluationAbche, Antoine ; Dagher, Issam ; Karam, Elie 
22011Adaptive bandwidth mode detection algorithmDagher, Issam ; Dahdah, Kawkab
32006Art networks with geometrical distancesDagher, Issam 
42011Audio-visual biometrics and forgeryGreige, Hanna ; Karam, Walid 
52009Audio-visual identity verification and robustness to impostureKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Chollet, Gérard
62006Audio-visual impostureKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Chollet, Gérard
72004An audio-visual imposture scenario by talking face animationKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Aversano, Guido; Pelachaud, Catherine; Chollet, Gérard
82012Biometrics security and experiments on face recognition algorithmsDandashi, Amal; Karam, Walid 
92014Building a national research and education network in LebanonKaram, Walid 
102012Clustering with complex centersDagher, Issam 
112019Combined wavelet and gabor convolution neural networksDagher, Issam ; Abu Jamra, Samir
122003A comparative study of the category choice of the fuzzy ART with the L -1 normDagher, Issam 
132012Complex fuzzy c-means algorithmDagher, Issam 
142015Current developments on building an NREN in LebanonKaram, Walid 
152016Different PCA scenarios for email filteringDagher, Issam ; Antoun, Rima
162006Face recognition using IPCA-ICA algorithmDagher, Issam ; Nachar, Rabih 
172014Face recognition using the most representative sift imagesDagher, Issam ; Sallak, Nour El; Hazim, Hani
182014Face recognition using voting technique for the Gabor and LDP featuresDagher, Issam ; Hassanieh, Jamal; Younes, Ahmad
192021Facial age estimation using pre-trained CNN and transfer learningDagher, Issam ; Barbara, Dany
202019Facial expression recognition using three-stage support vector machinesDagher, Issam ; Dahdah, Elio; Shakik, Morshed