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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Working towards the preparation of engineers for the current centuryAbche, Antoine ; Alameddine, Munim
22009A Virtual Reality Simulator for Training Wrist Arthroscopic SurgeryYaacoub, Fadi; Hamam, Yskandar; Abche, Antoine 
32003Virtual arthroscopic surgery trainer : A virtual reality based training system for arthroscopic surgeryFares, Charbel; Hamam, Yskandar; Couprie, Michel; Abyad, Rami El; Abche, Antoine 
42006Validation of an image formation technique using simulated echoes generated from 2D-3D real ultrasound imagesKaram, Elie ; Maalouf, Aldo; Abche, Antoine 
52007Universities and enterprises : Toward a Closer and Effective CooperationAbche, Antoine ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem 
62007Universities and Business World : Toward A closer and Effective CooperationAbche, Antoine ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem 
72017A Uniform Formalism for Acoustic Wave Propagation in a Mixed Liquid-Solid-Porous Viscoelastic Multilayered StructureMatta, Sandrine; Xu, Weijian; Nassar, Georges; Abche, Antoine 
82006Une nouvelle approche pour l'initialisation des algorithmes a erreur de sortieTohme, Elie Toni; Ouvrard, Regis; Trigeassou, Jean Claude; Abche, Antoine ; Poinot, Thierry
92006Une Méthodologie pour l'amélioration de la convergence des algorithmes d'erreur de sortieTohme, Elie Toni; Ouvrard, Regis; Trigeassou, Jean Claude; Abche, Antoine ; Poinot, Thierry
102016Transmission of Medical Images Over Multi-Core Optical Fiber using CDMA : Effect of Spatial Signature PatternsAbche, Antoine ; Hanna, Boutros Kass; Younes, Lena; Hijazi, Nour; Inaty, Elie ; Karam, Elie 
112017A text-dependent speaker-recognition systemIshac, Dany; Abche, Antoine ; Karam, Elie ; Callens, Dorothée
122016Sustainability and Engineering : a Perspective to Future Generation and SocietyAbche, Antoine 
132005Study of the precision of a 3-D image registration technique using 3-D PET brain simulated imagesAbche, Antoine ; Tzanakos, Georges; Micheli-Tzanakou, E.
142019Statistical based 3-D Image Registration Approach with External markersAbche, Antoine ; Yaacoub, Olga ; Chreiky, Robert; Karam, Elie 
152015Split Gradient Method for Informed Non-negative Matrix FactorizationChreiky, Robert; Delmaire, Gilles; Puigt, Matthieu; Roussel , Gilles; Courcot, Dominique; Abche, Antoine 
162018Speaker Identification based on Vocal Cords Vibrations : Effect of the WindowIshac, Dany; Abche, Antoine ; Nassar, Georges; Karam, Elie ; Callens, Dorothée
172016Robust informed split gradient NMF using Alpha ß-divergence for source apportionmentChreiky, Robert; Delamire, Gilles; Dorerr, Clement; Puigt, Matthieu; Roussel , Gilles; Abche, Antoine 
182002Review of forest fire management in LebanonNader, Manal ; Abche, Antoine 
192010The Pseudo-Output Error Identification Algorithm : Effect of the Stationary FilterTohme, Elie Toni; Abche, Antoine ; Ouvrard, Regis; Poinot, Thierry
202006A Pseudo-Output Error Algorithm To Improve Global ConvergenceTohme, Elie Toni; Ouvrard, Regis; Trigeassou, Jean Claude; Abche, Antoine