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Title: Study of the precision of a 3-D image registration technique using 3-D PET brain simulated images
Authors: Abche, Antoine 
Tzanakos, Georges
Micheli-Tzanakou, E.
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: WSEAS Press
Part of: ISPRA'05 Proceedings of the 4th WSEAS International Conference on Signal Processing, Robotics and Automation
Conference: International Conference on Signal Processing, Robotics and Automation (ISPRA) (4th : 13-15 Feb 2005 : Salzburg, Austria) 
In this work, we present a method for evaluation of multimodal 3-D image registration techniques using Monte-Carlo 3-D PET brain simulated images as well as images of external markers in discrete image space characterized by the voxel size. This approach will offer an accurate and inexpensive way to evaluate the precision of any registration approach, in particular the methods that rely on extrinsic fiducial markers. The results show that the precision of the registration method is within a pixel of the modality with the poorest resolution.
Type: Conference Paper
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