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Title: Sustainability and engineering: a perspective to future generation and society
Authors: Abche, Antoine 
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Issue Date: 2016
Part of: Journal of IDEAS
Volume: 19
Start page: 41
End page: 48
During the past decades, societies have evolved tremendously in terms of lifestyles, needs, exploitation of resources, practices without limitations while at the same there are people on the planet who are missing the basic necessities to live with their dignities. These trends cannot be sustained indefinitely without depleting earth resources, placing at risk the life of future generations, polluting our environment and harming ourselves. Therefore, another way of thinking is required to allow our lives to be sustained. Consequently, all concerned parties (universities, industries, companies, societies, governments, etc...) should approach the problem and cooperate effectively in order to have sustainable societies. In this work, the issue is addressed mainly from the university perspective. That is, universities, particularly Engineering Faculties, should revisit their curricula in order to address the challenges that are faced when the issue of sustainability is incorporated. In other words, students should learn several crucial and vital principles to attain sustainability and some of these principles are introduced in this paper such as understanding the problem Ideas No. 19/MARCH 2016 42 and its impacts, critical thinking, ability to make sound decisions, communication with colleagues who are knowledgeable about the issue at different levels (such as environmental, economical, societal, technological).
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Type: Journal Article
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