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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Aug-2023Defatting and Defatted Peanuts: A Critical Review on Methods of Oil Extraction and Consideration of Solid Matrix as a By-Product or Intended TargetMahfoud, Freddy; Assaf, Jean claude ; Elias, Rudolph; Debs, Esperance ; Louka, Nicolas
31-Jan-2023A comparative review on methods of detection and quantification of mycotoxins in solid food and feed: a focus on cereals and nutsAbou Dib, Alaa ; Assaf, Jean claude ; Debs, Esperance ; Khatib, Sami El; LOUKA, Nicolas ; Khoury, André El
9-Jan-2023Bioethanol Production from Woody Biomass: Recent Advances on the Effect of Pretreatments on the Bioconversion Process and Energy Yield AspectsEl Hage, Maria; Louka, Nicolas M. ; Rezzoug, Sid Ahmed; Maugard, Thierry; Sablé, Sophie; Koubaa, Mohamed; Debs, Esperance ; Maache-Rezzoug, Zoulikha
30-May-2023Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Centranthus longiflorus Stems Extracts Recovered Using Ired-Irrad®, an Innovative Infrared Technology, Compared to Water Bath and UltrasoundRajha, Hiba N.; Chokr, Ali; Safi, Carl; van den Broek, Lambertus; van Erven, Gijs; Maroun, Richard; Debs, Esperance ; Rammal, Hassan; Louka, Nicolas M.
2023Glucosinolates, a natural chemical arsenal: More to tell than the myrosinase storyAbdel-Massih, Roula ; Debs, Esperance ; Othman, Leen; Attieh, Jihad ; Cabrerizo, Franco M.
2022Potato sprouting inhibition using potato peels extractEl Darra, Nada M. ; Helmi, Layan A.; Rajha, Hiba N. ; Debs, Esperance ; Louka, Nicolas M. 
15-Mar-2023Peanut Allergenicity: An Insight into Its Mitigation Using Thermomechanical ProcessingHaidar, Elissa; Lakkis, Jack; Karam, Marc ; Koubaa, Mohamed; Louka, Nicolas; Debs, Esperance 
2022Phenolic Compounds Recovery from Blood Orange Peels Using a Novel Green Infrared Technology Ired-Irrad®, and Their Effect on the Inhibition of Aspergillus flavus Proliferation and Aflatoxin B1 ProductionEl Kantar, Sally; Rajha, Hiba N; El Khoury, André; Koubaa, Mohamed; Nachef, Simon; Debs, Esperance ; Maroun, Richard G; Louka, Nicolas
2022Multi-Step Biomass Fractionation of Grape Seeds from Pomace, a Zero-Waste ApproachSalem, Yara; Rajha, Hiba N; van den Broek, Lambertus A M; Safi, Carl; Togtema, Arnoud; Manconi, Maria; Manca, Maria Letizia; Debs, Esperance ; Hobaika, Zeina; Maroun, Richard G; Louka, Nicolas
2022Intensification of Polyphenols Extraction from Eryngium creticum Leaves Using Ired-Irrad® and Evaluation of Antibiofilm and Antibacterial ActivitiesHammoud, Mariam; Chokr, Ali; Rajha, Hiba N; Safi, Carl; Walsem, Martijn van; Broek, Lambertus A M van den; Debs, Esperance ; Maroun, Richard G; Louka, Nicolas; Rammal, Hassan
2022Plants used in Lebanon and the Middle East as AntimicrobialsAbdel-Massih, Roula M.; El Beyrouthy, Marc
2022Optimization of Polyphenols' Recovery from Purple Corn Cobs Assisted by Infrared Technology and Use of Extracted Anthocyanins as a Natural Colorant in Pickled TurnipBarba, Francisco J; Rajha, Hiba N; Debs, Esperance ; Abi-Khattar, Anna-Maria; Khabbaz, Stéphanie; Dar, Basharat Nabi; Simirgiotis, Mario J; Castagnini, Juan Manuel; Maroun, Richard G; Louka, Nicolas
30-Nov-2016Autologous Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells for the Treatment of Multiple SclerosisAbi Chahine, Nassim; Wehbe, Tarek; Rashed, Johny; Hilal, Ramzi; Elias, Nada
2022Role of myeloperoxidase in inflammation and atherosclerosis (Review)Frangie, Christian; Daher, Jalil 
2022Exogenous IL-13 exacerbates Leishmania major infection and abrogates acquired immunity to re-infectionZaatar, Muriel T; Simaan, Youssef; Karam, Marc C
2022Sprouts Use as Functional Foods. Optimization of Germination of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.), and Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Seeds Based on Their Nutritional Content EvolutionFrancis, Helga; Debs, Esperance ; Mohamed Koubaa; Alrayess, Zeina; Maroun, Richard G.; Nicolas Louka
2022The effect of myeloperoxidase-oxidized LDL on THP-1 macrophage polarization and repolarizationBazzi, Samer ; Frangie, Christian; Azar, Eliana; Daher, Jalil 
2022Myeloperoxidase-Oxidized LDL Activates Human Aortic Endothelial Cells through the LOX-1 Scavenger ReceptorEl-Hajjar, Layal; Hindieh, Judy; Andraos, Rana; El-Sabban, Marwan; Daher, Jalil 
2021The antibacterial activity of Libanstin from Ilex paraguariensis (Yerba Mate)El-Sawalhi, Sabah; Fayad, Elie; Porras, Gina; Fayad, Antoine Abou; Abdel-Massih, Roula M
2021Resolving the Spatial and Cellular Architecture of Lung Adenocarcinoma by Multiregion Single-Cell SequencingSinjab, Ansam; Han, Guangchun; Treekitkarnmongkol, Warapen; Hara, Kieko; Brennan, Patrick M; Dang, Minghao; Hao, Dapeng; Wang, Ruiping; Dai, Enyu; Dejima, Hitoshi; Zhang, Jiexin; Bogatenkova, Elena; Sanchez-Espiridion, Beatriz; Chang, Kyle; Little, Danielle R; Bazzi, Samer ; Tran, Linh M; Krysan, Kostyantyn; Behrens, Carmen; Duose, Dzifa Y; Parra, Edwin R; Raso, Maria Gabriela; Solis, Luisa M; Fukuoka, Junya; Zhang, Jianjun; Sepesi, Boris; Cascone, Tina; Byers, Lauren Averett; Gibbons, Don L; Chen, Jichao; Moghaddam, Seyed Javad; Ostrin, Edwin J; Rosen, Daniel; Heymach, John V; Scheet, Paul; Dubinett, Steven M; Fujimoto, Junya; Wistuba, Ignacio I; Stevenson, Christopher S; Spira, Avrum; Wang, Linghua; Kadara, Humam
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 198