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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-May-2022Role of myeloperoxidase in inflammation and atherosclerosis (Review)Frangie, Christian; Daher, Jalil 
22020Other forms of oxidized LDL: emerging functions.Daher, Jalil 
315-Dec-2023Novel Insights into the Link Between Myeloperoxidase Modified LDL, LOX-1, and Neuroserpin in StrokeEl-Hajjar, Layal; Miranda, Elena; El-Sabban, Marwan; Daher, Jalil 
44-Mar-2022Myeloperoxidase-Oxidized LDL Activates Human Aortic Endothelial Cells through the LOX-1 Scavenger ReceptorEl-Hajjar, Layal; Hindieh, Judy; Andraos, Rana; El-Sabban, Marwan; Daher, Jalil 
52-Aug-2023The in vitro effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on THP-1 derived macrophagesJeradeh, E.; Bazzi, Samer ; Daher, Jalil 
62020Human apolipoprotein L1 interferes with mitochondrial function in saccharomyces cerevisiaeChidiac, Mounia; Daher, Jalil ; Boeckstaens, Mélanie; Poelvoorde, Philippe; Badran, Bassam; Marini, Anna Maria; Khalaf, Roy; Vanhamme, Luc
72021Endothelial dysfunction and covid-19 (Review)Daher, Jalil 
8Feb-2022The effect of myeloperoxidase-oxidized LDL on THP-1 macrophage polarization and repolarizationBazzi, Samer ; Frangie, Christian; Azar, Eliana; Daher, Jalil 
92019Effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on bovine and human aortic endothelial cellsSamad, Ghadir AbdelLatif El; Bazzi, Samer ; Karam, Marc ; Boudjeltia, Karim Zouaoui; Vanhamme, Luc; Daher, Jalil 
102020Effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on bovine and human aortic endothelial cellsDaher, Jalil 
112016ApolipoproteinL1 is expressed in papillary thyroid carcinomasChidiac, Mounia; Fayyad-Kazan, Mohammad; Daher, Jalil ; Poelvoorde, Philippe; Bar, Isabelle; Maenhaut, Carine; Delrée, Paul; Badran, Bassam; Vanhamme, Luc