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Title: The effect of myeloperoxidase-oxidized LDL on THP-1 macrophage polarization and repolarization
Authors: Bazzi, Samer 
Frangie, Christian
Azar, Eliana
Daher, Jalil 
Affiliations: Faculty of Arts and Sciences 
Faculty of Arts and Sciences 
Keywords: THP-1
Macrophage polarization
Macrophage repolarization
Issue Date: 2022-02
Publisher: SAGE
Part of: Innate Immunity
Volume: 28
Issue: 2
Start page: 91
End page: 103
Macrophages (Mφs) play a crucial role in the development of atherosclerosis by engulfing modified LDL particles and forming foam cells, the hallmark of atherosclerosis. Many studies suggest that myeloperoxidase-oxidized LDL (Mox-LDL) is an important pathophysiological model for LDL modification in vivo. Classically (M1) and alternatively activated (M2) Mφs are both implicated in the process of atherogenesis. Mφs are highly plastic cells whereby they undergo repolarization from M1 to M2 and vice versa. Since little is known about the effects of Mox-LDL on Mφ polarization and repolarization, our study aimed at evaluating the in vitro effects of Mox-LDL at this level through making use of the well-established model of human THP-1-derived Mφs. Resting M0-Mφs were polarized toward M1- and M2-Mφs, then M0-, M1- and M2-Mφs were all treated with physiological concentrations of Mox-LDL to assess the effect of Mox-LDL treatment on Mφ polarization and repolarization. Treatment of M0-Mφs with a physiological concentration of Mox-LDL had no significant effects at the level of their polarization. However, treatment of M1-Mφs with Mox-LDL resulted in a significant reduction in their IL-10 cytokine secretion. Our results point to a potential role of Mox-LDL in increasing the pro-inflammatory state in Mφs through reducing the release of the anti-inflammatory cytokine, IL-10.
DOI: 10.1177/17534259221090679
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Type: Journal Article
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