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1200913 Physical activity and HSA analysis in adolescent girls and boysRochefort, Gaël Y; Hage, Rawad El ; Courteix, Daniel; Benhamou, Claude-Laurant; Jacob, Christophe ; Jaffré, Christelle
2201815-Copper(ii)-containing 36-tungsto-4-silicates(iv) [Cu15O2(OH)10X(A-α-SiW9O34)4]25- (X = Cl, Br) : synthesis, structure, magnetic properties, and electrocatalytic CO2 reductionBassil, Bassem ; Haider, Ali; Ibrahim, Masooma; Mougharbel, Ali S.; Bhattacharya, Saurav; Christian, Jonathan H.; Bindra, Jasleen K.; Dalal, Naresh S.; Wang, Meng; Zhang, Guangjin; Keita, Bineta; Rutkowska, Iwona A.; Kuleszag, Pawel J.; Kortz, Ulrich
320199-Cobalt(II)-Containing 27-Tungsto-3-germanate(IV): synthesis, structure, computational modeling, and heterogeneous water oxidation catalysisHaidar, Ali D; Bassil, Bassem ; Soriano-López, Joaquín; Qasim, Hafiz M.
41-Jan-2015Academic Territorial Borders: A Look at the Writing Ethos in Business Courses in an Environment in Which English Is a Foreign LanguageAnnous, Samer ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
52015Academic territorial orders: a look at the writing ethos in business courses in an environment in which english is a foreign languageAnnous, Samer ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
62010Activity, inactivity and quality of life among Lebanese adolescentsFazah, Abdallah; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Hage, Rawad El ; Youssef, Hala; Delamarche, Paul
71996Actualité Descartes, la philosophie comme expérience de rupture à l'occasion du quatrième centenaire de la naissance du philosophe ( 31 mars 1956 - 31 mars 1996)Kanaan, Marlène 
82017Adam et Ève et la Caverne des Trésors d'après un manuscrit arabe inédit du XVIIe siècleKanaan, Marlène 
92018Adaptive mesh refinement for finite differences: one dimensional dirichlet problemsIssi, R; Sabat, Mira 
102014Adult female football players have higher lumbar spine and hip bone mineral density than age- and body weight-matched controlsHage, Rawad El ; Chatah, Rajaa; Moussa, Elie ; Theunynck, Denis
112014Adult male professional soccer players have higher lumbar spine and hip bone mineral density than age- and body weight-matched controlsHage, Rawad El 
122014Air conditioning and body mass index in a group of Lebanese adolescentsHage, Rawad El ; Shmeitally, Nivine El; Jacob, Christophe 
132012Anthropometric predictors of bone mineral density in healthy Lebanese subjects aged 13 to 25 yearsHage, Rawad El ; Theunynck, Denis; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Zunquin, Gautier; Baddoura, Rafic
142012Anthropometric predictors of geometric indices of hip bone strength in a group of lebanese postmenopausal womenHage, Rawad El ; Baddoura, Rafic
152009Apport calcique journalier et indice de masse corporelle chez les adolescents libanaisHage, Rawad El ; Jacob, Christophe ; Moussa, Elie ; Jaffré, Christelle; Benhamou, Claude-Laurant
162018Are we Failing our Highly Able Students in Lebanon?Antoun, Maya ; Younes, R. G.; Salloum, S.
172021Arsenic(III)-Capped 12-Tungsto-2-Arsenates(III) [M2(AsIIIW6O25)2(AsIIIOH)x]n- (M = CrIII, FeIII, ScIII, InIII, TiIV, MnII) and Their Magnetic PropertiesLiu, Wenjing; Kinyon, Jared S; Bassil, Bassem ; Lin, Zhengguo; Bindra, Jasleen K; Dalal, Naresh S; Kortz, Ulrich
182013Assessing WAC elements in business syllabiNicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Annous, Samer 
192000À propos du pèlerinage et de quelques lieux saints au Proche-Orient chrétien : Liban-Syrie à l'époque médiévaleKanaan, Marlène 
202016Between questions and findings: educational research from around the globeNicolas, Maureen O'Day