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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12014Resonance sensitivity of a fibered bowtie nano-apertureAtie, Elie M.; Xie, Zhihua; Tannous, Tony ; Salut, Roland; Nedeljkovic, Dusan; Grosjean, Thierry; Baida, Fadi I.
22015Remote optical sensing on the nanometer scale with a bowtie aperture nano-antenna on a fiber tip of scanning near-field optical microscopyAtie, Elie M.; Xie, Zhihua; Eter, Ali El; Salut, Roland; Nedeljkovic, Dusan; Tannous, Tony ; Baida, Fadi I.; Thierry, Grosjean
32014Nanostructure's fabrication and applications in nano-opticsAtie, Elie M.; Bernal, Martin; Ndao, A.; Eter, Ali El; Grosjean, Thierry; Guyot, C.; Courjal, N.; Salut, Roland; Chollet, François; Tannous, Tony ; Baida, Fadi I.
42015High optical resonance sensitivity to its environment of a fibered bowtie nano-aperture antennaAtie, Elie M.; Tannous, Tony ; Thierry, Grosjean; Baida, Fadi I.
52015Étude numérique de la résonance d'une nano-antenne optique à ouverture papillonAtie, Elie M.; Eter, Ali El; Thierry, Grosjean; Tannous, Tony ; Baida, Fadi I.
62013Etude numérique de la résonance dune nano-antenne optique pour des applications en biologieAtie, Elie M.; Grosjean, Thierry; Tannous, Tony ; Eter, Ali El; Abdoulaye, Nado; Baida, Fadi I.
72015Bowtie nano-aperture antenna mounted on a fibered tip for different applications: tweezers and remote sensingAtie, Elie M.; Eter, Ali El; Hameed, Nyha M; Xie, Zhihua; Salut, Roland; Tannous, Tony ; Grosjean, Thierry; Baida, Fadi I.