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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001Vectorisation des assemblages particulaires de polymères et co-polymères biodégradablesKassab, Rima ; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
22000Synthesis and characterisation of poly (l-lactic acid) galactosyl derivatives : access to functionalised microspheresKassab, Rima ; Fenet, Bernard; Fessi, Hatem; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
32014Study of different process parameters for polylactic acid microspheres formulationsMoussa, Dima; Kassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo 
42012Study of antifungal and antibiotic drugs loaded microspheres based on poly (DL-lactide) and poly (DL-lactide-co-caprolactone)Yammine, Paolo ; Kassab, Rima ; Moussa, Dima
52012Study of antibiotics - loaded poly (DL-Lactide) microspheresMoussa, Dima; Safi, Nahed; Kassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo 
62008Stepped layers in the complexes of para-sulfonatocalix (6) arene with dimethylammonium and bis-6-aminohexylammonium cationsLazar, Adina N.; Danylyuk, Oksana; Suwinska, Kinga; Kassab, Rima ; Coleman, Anthony W.
72015Responsible research conductAbdel-Massih, Roula; Kassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo 
82006Preparation of modified lactic acid polymers: formulation of microspheresKassab, Rima ; Fessi, Hatem; Nakat, Hanna El ; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
92011Preparation and characterization of antifungal drug-loaded poly(Dl-Lactide-Co-Caprolactone) and poly(L-Lactide-Co-Caprolactone-Co-Glycolide) microspheresKassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo ; Moussa, Dima
102018Polycaprolactone as drug carrier for an antifungal agentKassab, Rima ; Moussa, Dima; Yammine, Paolo 
112012Poly (DL-Lactide-co-caprolactone) as drug carrier for antifungal agent amphotericin BYammine, Paolo ; Kassab, Rima ; Moussa, Dima; Moussa, Rima Fawzi
122011New drug delivery system based on nystatin loaded poly (DL-lactide-co-caprolactone) microspheresKassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo ; Moussa, Dima
132017Nanoencapsulation of nsaids naproxen and ibuprofenYammine, Paolo ; Moussa, Dima; Ayrouth, Marcel; Kassab, Rima 
142002Molecular recognition by Kluyveromyces of amphotericin B-loaded, galactose-tagged, poly (lactic acid) microspheresKassab, Rima ; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen; Fessi, Hatem; Menaucourt, Jean; Bonaly, Roger; Coulon, Joël
152013Microspheres containing doxycycline: properties and vitro studyKassab, Rima ; Yammine, Paolo ; Moussa, Dima; Safi, Nahed
162002An investigation of the synthesis of poly(L-lactic acid)-ß -cyclodextrin microspheres containing Amphotericin BKassab, Rima ; Perol, N; Fessi, Hatem; Coulon, Joël; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
172008Formulation of modified microspheres based on cyclodextrin-lactic acid polymersKassab, Rima ; Ghanem, Noha; Yammine, Paolo ; Fessi, Hatem; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
182009Formulation of modified microspheres based on cyclodextrin-lactic acid polymersKassab, Rima ; Ghanem, Noha; Yammine, Paolo ; Fessi, Hatem; Parrot-Loppez, Hélen
192019Encapsulation of metronidazole in polycaprolactone microspheresKassab, Rima ; Moussa, Dima; Saliba, Cherine; Yammine, Paolo 
202016Encapsulation of an antifungal agent within biodegradable polymers: composition effectKassab, Rima ; Moussa, Dima; Yammine, Paolo