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Title: Improving dried mango physicochemical properties using conventional hot-air drying coupled with a novel technology “intensification of vaporization by decompression to the vacuum”
Authors: Labaky, Paola
Dahdouh, Layal
Grosmaire, Lidwine
Rajha, Hiba N.
Ricci, Julien
Delpech, Charlotte
El Khoury, André
Debs, Esperance 
Wisniewski, Christelle
Louka, Nicolas
Affiliations: Department of Biology 
Keywords: Color
Hot-air drying
Intensification of vaporization by decompression to the vacuum
Response surface methodology
Issue Date: 2024-07-01
Publisher: Elsevier
Part of: Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies
Volume: 95
The impact of the “Intensification of Vaporization by Decompression to the Vacuum” (IVDV) coupled with conventional hot-air drying on the organoleptic and nutritional properties of mangoes was investigated in this study. The effect of three IVDV treatment parameters (saturated steam pressure, initial water content and processing time) on the volume, texture and color was studied using response surface methodology. The phenolic content and antioxidant activity were explored through chemical analyses. Results revealed that the IVDV decreased the drying time of mango cubes by 50%, increased their volume by four times, and improved their texture compared to hot-air dried samples. The treatment also enhanced the color of mango cubes allowing an orange color contrasted to a brown color for conventionally dried cubes. Phenolic content and antioxidant activities were improved by 9 times and 11 times, respectively, following IVDV treatment compared to simple hot-air drying. The IVDV offers new prospects for processing mango into dried cubes with improved organoleptic properties characterized by a crunchy texture and an appreciated color.
ISSN: 14668564
DOI: 10.1016/j.ifset.2024.103739
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Type: Journal Article
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