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12020Antimicrobials from venomous animals: an overviewYacoub, Tania; Rima, Mohamad; Karam, Marc ; Sabatier, Jean Mark; Fajloun, Ziad
22013The antioxidant and anticancer effects of wild carrot oil extractShebaby, Wassim N.; Sibai, Mirvat El; Bodman-Smith, Kikki; Karam, Marc ; Mroueh, Mohamad; Daher, Costantine F.
32015Antioxidant and hepatoprotective activities of the oil fractions from wild carrot (Daucus carota ssp. carota)Shebaby, Wassim N.; Daher, Costantine F.; Sibai, Mirvat El; Bodman-Smith, Kikki; Mansour, Anthony; Karam, Marc ; Mroueh, Mohamad
42013Atenolol reduces L. major induced hyperalgesia and the levels of TNF-α in BALB/c mice with no effect on the levels of IL-1β or KCKaram, Marc 
52015Atenolol reduces leishmania major-induced hyperalgesia and TNF-α without affecting IL-1β or keratinocyte derived chemokines (KC)Karam, Marc ; Merckbawi, Rana; Salman, Sara ; Mobasheri, Ali
62016Atenolol reduces leishmania major-induced hyperalgesia and TNF-α without affecting IL-1β or keratinocyte derived chemokines (KC)Karam, Marc ; Merckbawi, Rana; Salman, Sara ; Mobasheri, Ali
72011Bases moléculaires de l'expression des sites fragiles communs humains : rôle dans l'instabilité génomique et la progression tumoraleAchkar, Eliane El 
82015Biomarkers for differential calpain activation in healthy and diseased brains: a systematic reviewJourdi, Hussam 
92017The combination of CRP isoforms with oxLDL decreases TNF-α and IL-6 release by U937‑derived macrophagesKrayem, Imtissal; Bazzi, Samer ; Karam, Marc 
102006Common fragile sites nested at the interfaces of early and late-replicating chromosome bandsDebatisse, Michelle; Achkar, Eliane El ; Dutrillaux, Bernard
112017CX614, a cognitive enhancing AMPAkine, as fast onset antidepressantJourdi, Hussam ; Kabbaj, Mohamed
122020Cytotoxic effect of montivipera bornmuelleri's venom on cancer cell lines: in vitro and in vivo studiesHaddoub, Carol; Rima, Mohamad; Heurtebise, Sandrine; Lawand, Myriam; Jundi, Dania; Sadek, Riyad; Amigorena, Sebastian; Fajloun​, Ziad; Karam, Marc 
132017Degradomics in neurotrauma: profiling traumatic brain injuryAbou El Hassan, Hadi; Sukhon, Fares; Assaf, Edwyn Jeremy; Bahmad, Hisham; Abou-Abbass, Hussein; Jourdi, Hussam ; Kobeissy, Firas H.
142014Determination of the replication timing of the human common fragile site FRA11DAchkar, Eliane El 
152014Differential effects of acute NMDAR antagonist psychotomimetics on hippocampal Subfields: deregulation of protein translation and its implication in schizophrenia-like behavior.Tunnell, K. W; Gutierrez, J.; Kao, H.-Y.; Lesburguères, E.; Fenton, A.; Jourdi, Hussam 
162014Differential effects of acute psychotomimetic NMDAR antagonists on hippocampalJourdi, Hussam ; Kao, H.-Y.; Dvorak, D.; Tunnell, K. W; Lesburguères, E.; Fenton, A.
172021Drug repurposing: promises of edaravone target drug in traumatic brain injuryShakkour, Zaynab; Issa, Hawraa; Ismail, Helene; Ashekyan, Ohanes; Habashy, Karl John; Nasrallah, Leila; Jourdi, Hussam ; Hamade, Eva; Mondello, Stefania; Sabra, Mirna; Zibara, Kazem; Kobeissy, Firas
182014The effect of Leishmania major infection on atherogenesis and cytokines pattern in resistant and susceptible miceKaram, Marc 
192019Effect of myeloperoxidase modified LDL on bovine and human aortic endothelial cellsSamad, Ghadir AbdelLatif El; Bazzi, Samer ; Karam, Marc ; Boudjeltia, Karim Zouaoui; Vanhamme, Luc; Daher, Jalil 
202018EGF-induced MAPK-mediated calpain2 activation triggers a neuroprotective priming mechanism against oxygen-glucose deprivation: implication of AMPAR downregulation and degradation of their scaffolding PDZ proteinsJourdi, Hussam ; Kobeissy, Firas H.; Daou, A.