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Title: Bioethanol Production from Woody Biomass: Recent Advances on the Effect of Pretreatments on the Bioconversion Process and Energy Yield Aspects
Authors: El Hage, Maria
Louka, Nicolas
Rezzoug, Sid-Ahmed
Maugard, Thierry
Sablé, Sophie
Koubaa, Mohamed
Debs, Esperance 
Maache-Rezzoug, Zoulikha
Affiliations: Department of Biology 
Editors: Alok Kumar Patel
Keywords: Bioconversion
Enzymatic hydrolysis
Renewable energy
Thermomechanical pretreatment
Woody biomasses
Issue Date: 2023-01-09
Publisher: MDPI
Part of: Energies
Volume: 16
Issue: 13
Start page: 1
End page: 31
As greenhouse gas emissions are continuously increasing, research is now privileging greener and more sustainable human activities. An attractive strategy in the pursuit of sustainability is the valorization of lignocellulosic biomasses for the production of bioethanol. This approach relies on the bioconversion of wood and agricultural waste, which are abundant globally. They represent considerable sources of fermentable sugars that can be recovered through enzymatic hydrolysis. However, the presence of lignin in wood waste makes it more recalcitrant to enzymatic hydrolysis, and reduces the efficiency of the bioconversion process. Therefore, a pretreatment preceding hydrolysis is highly necessary in order to disrupt the resistant structure of woody biomass. The type and severity of the pretreatment affect the outcomes of the hydrolysis and fermentation steps, just as they strongly influence the overall process costs. Given this context, bioenergy production from this biomass is a promising alternative method of sustainably responding to energy demands while reducing the amounts of waste left in nature. The aim of this review is to thoroughly compare the recent bioconversion processes performed on woody substrates over the past five years, with a focus on thermomechanical pretreatments. Moreover, this review will discuss the outcomes of their separate steps, their impact on the overall process, and their energetic aspects.
DOI: 10.3390/en16135052
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Type: Journal Article
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