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12021Always-convergent hybrid methods for finding roots of nonlinear equationsHitti, Karim ; Haddad, Samir El ; Sayah, Jinane ; Feghali, Stéphanie
22011Audio-visual biometrics and forgeryGreige, Hanna ; Karam, Walid 
32009Audio-visual identity verification and robustness to impostureKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Chollet, Gérard
42006Audio-visual impostureKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Chollet, Gérard
52004An audio-visual imposture scenario by talking face animationKaram, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Greige, Hanna ; Aversano, Guido; Pelachaud, Catherine; Chollet, Gérard
62012Biometrics security and experiments on face recognition algorithmsDandashi, Amal; Karam, Walid 
72014Building a national research and education network in LebanonKaram, Walid 
828-Jan-2019Comparison between the predicted performance curve and the Markov Chain models for structural performance of infrastructure componentsSemaan, Nabil ; Dib, Youssef 
92013Connections on the fibre bundle and application to the Lagrangian mechanicsMehdi, M.; Farah, Farah ; Mortada, A
102017Cost reduction of cylindrical steel oil storage tanksHitti, Karim ; Feghali, Stephanie; Tahhan, Assad
112015Current developments on building an NREN in LebanonKaram, Walid 
122016Effect of doubling the bet in blackjack using stochastic processesAttieh, Maya; Dib, Youssef 
132019Effect of feedback on eBay sellers' business using markov chainDib, Youssef ; Roumieh, Nour; Saab, Gretta ; Maroun, Mariette
142010Free & open source software in the arab regionKaram, Walid 
152013Grifon's connection on the tangent sub-bundleMehdi, M.; Farah, Farah ; Mortada, A
162012Identities, forgeries and disguisesChollet, Gérard; Perrot, Patrick; Karam, Walid ; Mokbel, Chafic ; Kanade, Sanjay; Petrovska-Delacretaz, Dijana
172010Identity verification robustness to audiovisual impostureKaram, Walid 
182015An improved real-time method for counting people in crowded scenes based on a statistical approachRiachy, Shirine; Karam, Walid ; Greige, Hanna 
192012Integer sequences of the form α^n±β^nAbdulaziz, Abdulrahman Ali 
202008Multimodal human machine interactions in virtual and augmented realityChollet, Gérard; Esposito, Anna; Gentes, Annie; Horain, Patrick; Karam, Walid ; Li, Zhenbo; Pelachaud, Catherine; Perrot, Patrick; Petrovska-Delacretaz, Dijana; Zhou, Dianle; Zouari, Leila