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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Subway Station Diagnosis Index Condition Assessment ModelSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
22011Structural Performance Model for Subway SystemsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
32011Structural Performance Model for Subway NetworksSemaan, Nabil 
42016Stochastic productivity analysis of ready mix concrete batch plant in Kfarshima, LebanonSemaan, Nabil 
52010A stochastic diagnostic model for subway stationsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
62012A Stochastic Diagnosis Model for Subway SystemsSemaan, Nabil 
72019A stochastic detailed scheduling model for periodic maintenance of military rotorcraftSemaan, Nabil ; Yehia, Nabhan
82016Stochastic Analysis of Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant in Kfarshima, LebanonSemaan, Nabil 
92015Stakeholder Impacted Cost Contingency Model (SICC)Semaan, Nabil ; Sarkis, Sandy
102018The Rural Road Diagnosis IndexSemaan, Nabil 
112016Production Of Construction Operations : An Example On Ready Mix Concrete Batch PlantSemaan, Nabil 
122016The Predicted Performance Curve (PPC) : A New Structural Performance Deterioration Model for Concrete InfrastructureSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
132017The Periodic Aviation Maintenance Stochastic Schedule Model (PAM-SS)Semaan, Nabil 
142015A Feasibility Study for a Sustainable Public Transit Railway NetworkSemaan, Nabil 
152014A feasibility study for a sustainable public transit network linking Tripoli to Beirut cities in LebanonSemaan, Nabil 
162017A deterministic contractor selection decision support system for competitive biddingSemaan, Nabil ; Salem, Michael 
172016Deterministic and Simulation Modeling Of the Production Of Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant Industry in Nahr el Maout, LebanonSemaan, Nabil 
182011CSCE Annual Conference in OttawaSemaan, Nabil 
192015Crashing-Risk-Modeling-Software (CRMS)Semaan, Nabil ; Georges, Najib; Rizk, Joe 
202014Crash : an automated tool for schedule crashingGeorges, Najib; Semaan, Nabil ; Rizk, Joe