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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Mar-2023Valorization of waste perlite powder in geopolymer compositesEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Hwalla, Joud; El-Hassan, Hilal; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Dieb, Amr; Shehab, Ehab
24-Jun-2023Use of Taguchi Method to Optimize the Mix Design of Pervious Geopolymer ConcreteAnwar, Faiz Habib; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Hassan, Hilal; Hamouda, Mohamed; Mo, Kim Hung
39-Jun-2023Taguchi Method for Optimizing Alkali-Activated Mortar Mixtures Using Waste Perlite Powder and Granulated Blast Furnace SlagHwalla, Joud; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Hassan, Hilal; El-Dieb, Amr
4Oct-2023Synergic effect of recycled aggregates, waste glass, and slag on the properties of pervious concreteEl-Hassan, Hilal; Kianmehr, Peiman; Tavakoli, Davoud; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; Dehkordi, Rahbar Sakenian
52022Optimization of Pervious Geopolymer Concrete Using TOPSIS-Based Taguchi MethodFaiz Habib Anwar; Hilal El-Hassan; Mohamed Hamouda; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; Safa Mohammed; Kim Hung Mo
64-Jun-2023Optimization of CWP-BFS Blended Geopolymer Concrete Using BWM-based Taguchi MethodChokkalingam, Ponalagappan; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Hassan, Hilal; El-Dieb, Amr
729-May-2023Multi-Response Optimization of Semi-Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Expanded Polystyrene BeadsEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Fayad, Elias; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Hassan, Hilal
82022Multi-response optimization of ceramic waste geopolymer concrete using BWM and TOPSISbased taguchi methodsChokkalingam, Ponalagappan; El-Hassan, Hilal; El-Dieb, Amr; El-Mir, Abdulkader 
91-Apr-2023Machine learning prediction of concrete compressive strength using rebound hammer testEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Zahab, Samer; Sbarta├», Zoubir Mehdi; Homsi, Farah; Saliba, Jacqueline; El-Hassan, Hilal
102022Feasibility of concrete mixtures containing coarse and/or fine recycled brick aggregatesEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Nehme, Salem; Assaad, Joseph 
116-Mar-2023Evaluation of pervious geopolymer concrete pavements performance for effective stormwater infiltration and water purification using Taguchi methodAnwar, Faiz Habib; El-Hassan, Hilal; Hamouda, Mohamed; El-Mir, Abdulkader 
1230-Jun-2023The effect of curing regimes on fiber-reinforced alkali-activated compositesEl-Hassan, Hilal; El-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Maaddawy, Tamer
132022Effect of Binder Content and Sand Type on Mechanical Characteristics of Ultra-High Performance ConcreteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Nehme, Salem G.; Assaad, Joseph 
142020Durability of polymer-modified lightweight flowable concrete made using expanded polystyreneAssaad, Joseph ; El-Mir, Abdulkader 
152022Development and Optimization of Geopolymers Made with Desert Dune Sand and Blast Furnace SlagEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Hilal El-Hassan; Amr El-Dieb; Abdelrahman Alsallamin
162022Development and characterization of ceramic waste powder-slag blended geopolymer concrete designed using Taguchi methodChokkalingam, Ponalagappan; El-Hassan, Hilal; El-Dieb, Amr; El-Mir, Abdulkader 
172022Correlating strength and durability to time-temperature profiles of high-performance mass concreteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Assaad, Joseph ; Nehme, Salem G.; El-Hassan, Hilal
182022Assessment of the Compressive Strength of Self-Consolidating Concrete Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity MethodEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; El-Zahab, Samer