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Title: A stochastic detailed scheduling model for periodic maintenance of military rotorcraft
Authors: Semaan, Nabil 
Yehia, Nabhan
Affiliations: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Keywords: Sensitivity analysis
Military rotorcraft
Monte Carlo Simulation
Periodic maintenance
Stochastic scheduling
Issue Date: 2019
Part of: Aircraft engineering and aerospace technology
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to develop a stochastic detailed schedule for a preventive/scheduled/periodic maintenance program of a military aircraft, specifically a rotorcraft or helicopter. Design/methodology/approach The new model, entitled the military "periodic aviation maintenance stochastic schedule" (PAM-SS), develops a stochastic detailed schedule for a PUMA SA 330SM helicopter for the 50-h periodic inspection, using cyclic operation network (CYCLONE) and Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) techniques. The PAM-SS model identifies the different periodic inspection tasks of the maintenance schedule, allocates the resources required for each task, evaluates a stochastic duration of each inspection task, evaluates the probability of occurrence for each breakdown or repair, develops the CYCLONE model of the stochastic schedule and simulates the model using MCS. Findings The 50-h maintenance stochastic duration follows a normal probability distribution and has a mean value of 323 min and a standard deviation of 23.7 min. Also, the stochastic maintenance schedule lies between 299 and 306 min for a 99 per cent confidence level. Furthermore, except the pilot and the electrical team (approximately 90 per cent idle), all other teams are around 40 per cent idle. A sensitivity analysis is also performed and yielded that the PAM-SS model is not sensitive to the number of technicians in each team; however, it is highly sensitive to the probability of occurrence of the breakdowns/repairs. Practical implications The PAM-SS model is specifically developed for military rotorcrafts, to manage the different resources involved in the detailed planning and scheduling of the periodic/scheduled maintenance, mainly the 50-h inspection. It evaluates the resources utilization (idleness and queue), the stochastic maintenance duration and identifies backlogs and bottlenecks. Originality/value The PAM-SS tackles military aircraft planning and scheduling in a stochastic methodology, considering uncertainties in all inspection task durations and breakdown or repair durations. The PAM-SS, although developed for rotorcrafts can be further developed for any other type of military aircraft or any other scheduled maintenance program interval.
Type: Journal Article
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