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12006Adoption of high performance steel (HPS) for curved bridge structuresGergess, Antoine 
22019Analysis of bonded link-slabs in precast, prestressed girder bridgesGergess, Antoine 
32018Asphalt specifications in LebanonKhalil, Nariman 
42014An assessment model for structural performance of subway systemsSemaan, Nabil ; Zayed, Tarek
52016Assessment of physico-chemical and microbiological quality of surface water case study: "Abou Ali" river north LebanonJabali, Yasmine ; Hoz, Mervat El; Millet, Maurice
62015Assessment of residual stresses due to cold bending structural steel girders using finite element modelingTawk, Issam ; Rishmany, Jihad ; Gergess, Antoine 
72018Bitumen modification with recycled materials: a comparative studySaroufim, Edwina; Celauro, Clara; Khalil, Nariman 
82021Bond properties between smooth carbon fibre-reinforced polymer bars and ultra-high performance concrete modified with polymeric latexes and fibresKhalil, Nariman ; Assaad, Joseph 
92008Cambering structural steel I-girders using cold bendingGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
102011Cartographie de la susceptibilit√© aux glissements de terrain au LibanNini, Robert 
112011Case Study of a prestressed concrete AASHTO girder bridge designed using the british standardsGergess, Antoine ; Tepavcevic, M
122016CBR of soaked clay drained by Sandy LayerNini, Robert 
132009Characterization of asphalt binders in lebanon using SUPERPaveKhalil, Nariman 
142009Cold bending HPS 485W steel bridge girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
152015Cold bending steel beams: a state-of the-art engineering solution that meets industry challengesGergess, Antoine 
162008Cold curving steel bridge girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
172004Cold curving symmetric unstiffened I-girdersGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
182015Computation of stresses and strains in heat-curved steel girders using the duhamel analogyGergess, Antoine ; Sen, Rajan
192015Condition assessment of subway stations: a new methodology for infrastructure asset managementSemaan, Nabil 
202014Crash: an automated tool for schedule crashingGeorges, Najib; Semaan, Nabil ; Rizk, Joe