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Title: Recent advances in research on polyphenols: effects on microbiota, metabolism and health
Authors: Hiba N Rajha
Armelle Paule
Gerard Aragonès
Mariana Barbosa
Carla Caddeo
Debs, Esperance 
Rada Dinkova
Gunter P Eckert
Ariel Fontana
Prisca Gebrayel
Richard G Maroun
Alessandra Napolitano
Lucia Panzella
Giulio Maria Pasinetti
Jan F Stevens
Andreas Schieber
Marvin Edeas
Affiliations: Université Saint-Joseph, Lebanon
International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health, France
Rovira i Virgili University, Spain
University of Porto, REQUIMTE/LAQV, Portugal
University of Cagliari, Italy
Department of Biology 
University of Food Technologies, Bulgaria
Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany
National University of Cuyo, Argentina
International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health, France
Université Saint-Joseph, Lebanon
University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
Oregon State University, USA
University of Bonn, Germany
University de Paris, Institut Cochin, Inserm, 1016, France
Editors: Dr. Christine Mayer
Keywords: Antioxidants
Oxidative stress
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Wiley Library
Part of: Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
Start page: 1
End page: 11
Polyphenols have attracted huge interest among researchers of various disciplines because of their numerous biological activities, such as antioxidative, antiinflammatory, antiapoptotic, cancer chemopreventive, anticarcinogenic, and antimicrobial properties, and their promising applications in many fields, mainly in the medical, cosmetics, dietary supplement and food industries. In this review, the latest scientific findings in the research on polyphenols interaction with the microbiome and mitochondria, their metabolism and health beneficial effects, their involvement in cognitive diseases and obesity development, as well as some innovations in their analysis, extraction methods, development of cosmetic formulations and functional food are summarized based on the papers presented at the 13th World Congress on Polyphenol Applications. Future implications of polyphenols in disease prevention and their strategic use as prophylactic measures are specifically addressed. Polyphenols may play a key role in our tomorrow´s food and nutrition to prevent many diseases.
DOI: 10.1002/mnfr.202100670
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Type: Journal Article
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