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2015Microbial transformation of cefotaxime and medrysone and the biological activity of their metabolitesBoujaoudé, Marie-Anne
2015Phenolic acids and flavanoids in the leaves and flowers of Elaeagnus angustifolia ethanolic extractsYafi, Soha
2022Recent advances in research on polyphenols: effects on microbiota, metabolism and healthHiba N Rajha; Armelle Paule; Gerard Aragonès; Mariana Barbosa; Carla Caddeo; Debs, Esperance ; Rada Dinkova; Gunter P Eckert; Ariel Fontana; Prisca Gebrayel; Richard G Maroun; Alessandra Napolitano; Lucia Panzella; Giulio Maria Pasinetti; Jan F Stevens; Andreas Schieber; Marvin Edeas