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Khayr Yaacoub, Hala
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Acting Dean of Faculty of Business and Management
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Whistleblowing Research: A Systematic Review of MethodsSabsabi, F; Soufi, M; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
22017Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of AccelerationsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
32015Talentism: Unlocking the Power of the New Human EcosystemKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
42017A systematic literature review of responsible leadership: challenges, outcomes and practicesFrangieh, Charbel; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
52016Strategic planning in lebanese hospitalsNehme, Ziad ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
62019Socially responsible human resource practices: disclosures of the worlds best multinational workplacesFrangieh, Charbel; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
72014SEAM in the arab worldKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
82014The role of political colors in consumer behaviorKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Saab, Gretta ; Najjar, Rania
926-Nov-2019The Role of HR Practices in Boosting Responsible Behaviors in EmployeesKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najem, Miia
1026-Nov-2019Responsible leaders and Whistleblowers: A Call for PartneringKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Frangieh, Charbel
112011Professional identities of part-time academicsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
122014Political colors effect on consumptionKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najjar, Rania Al; Saab, Gretta 
132010Management of the financial crisisSaab, Gretta ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
142015Libanpost: a successful strategy for a private-public partnershipKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Abdul Aziz, Shaza; Wehbeh, Ramona; Debs, Rania
154-Feb-2024The Influence of Sustainable Fashion on Consumer Behavior and Purchasing Habits in LebanonHamati, Lea; Nasr, Rita; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Nemar, Sam El
162017The impact of training on the adjustment of humanitarian aid expatriatesRamadi, Claudine.; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
172016HBR's 10 must-reads on managing across culturesKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
182015Fundraising for life: children cancer center of LebanonKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Kfoury, Jessica El; Ayoub, Elias; Rihana, Lea
192011Engineering soft skills: a comparative study between the GCC area demands and the ABET requirementsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Husseini, Farah; Choueiki, Ziad
202016Effect of facebook friends on each other's consumption patternsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Al Najjar, Rania