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Khayr Yaacoub, Hala
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Acting Dean of Faculty of Business and Management
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017A systematic literature review of responsible leadership : Challenges, outcomes and practicesFrangieh, Charbel; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
22016Strategic Planning in Lebanese HospitalsNehme, Ziad ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
32019Socially responsible human resource practices : disclosures of the worlds best multinational workplacesFrangieh, Charbel; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
42014SEAM in the Arab WorldKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
52014The Role of Political Colors in Consumer BehaviorKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najjar, Dora ; Saab, Gretta 
62011Professional Identities of Part-time AcademicsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
72014Political Colors Effect on ConsumptionKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najjar, Rania Al; Saab, Gretta 
82010Management of the Financial CrisisSaab, Gretta ; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
92015LibanPostKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Abdul Aziz, Shaza; Wehbeh, Ramona; Debs, Rania
102017The Impact of Training on the Adjustment of Humanitarian Aid ExpatriatesRamadi, Claudine.; Khayr Yaacoub, Hala 
112016HBR's 10 Must-Reads on Managing Across CulturesKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
122015Fundraising for life : Children Cancer Center of LebanonKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Kfoury, Jessica El; Ayoub, Elias; Rihana, Lea
132011Engineering Soft Skills : A comparative study between the GCC area demands and the ABET requirementsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Husseini, Farah; Choueiki, Ziad
142016Effect of Facebook Friends on Each Other's Consumption PatternsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
152011Contexts for the professional development of part - timersKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
162013Consumer-to-Consumer Effect of Facebook FriendsKhayr Yaacoub, Hala ; Najjar, Rania Al
172015A Collaborative Approach to Research through EngagementKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
182011Casper & Gambini'sKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
192015The Case for Case Study WritingKhayr Yaacoub, Hala 
202016Authenticity : Sustainable Benefits Beyond PerformanceKhayr Yaacoub, Hala