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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999ECG -system design and signal processingKaram, Elie ; Abche, Antoine ; Bou Habib, Bassem; Zoghbi, Giscard El
1994The effect of blood volume loss on cardiovascular response to lower body negative pressure using a mathematical modelKaram, Elie ; Srinivasan, RS; Charles, JB; Fortney , SM
2005Efficient motion estimation schemes for medical video codingDaba, Jihad S. ; Priddle, H.
2007EM-Esprit algorithm for direction finding with nonuniform arraysKassis, Carine El; Picheral, José; Mokbel, Chafic 
2013Engineering ethics and universityAbche, Antoine 
2014An enhanced SAR-based tsunami detection systemDaba, Jihad S. ; Karam, H.; Abdallah, J.
2007ENST/UOB/LU@ TRECVID2007 high level feature extraction using 2-level piecewise GMMYazbek, George; Kfoury, Georges; Alam, Gabriel; Mokbel, Chafic ; Chollet, Gérard
2004Estimation algorithms for quantitative tissue characterization in ultrasound images using doubly stochastic translated point processesDaba, Jihad S. 
2019Estimation of the elastic modulus of child cortical bone specimens via microindentationSemaan, Marie; Karam, Elie ; Baron, Cecile; Pithioux, Martine
2015Estimation of the SNR for wireless systems in a local fading environment with multi-element antennasDaba, Jihad S. 
2013Ethics and engineers in the new modern era: university perspectiveAbche, Antoine 
2003Evaluation of 3-D image multimodal registration techniques using monte-carlo simulated 3-D imagesAbche, Antoine ; Tzanakos, Georges; Micheli-Tzanakou, E.
2005Evaluation of an ultrasound image reconstruction technique using monte-Carlo simulation techniqueAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
2016An event-driven adaptive cruise controllerKhaldi, Mohamad ; Jreijiry, Jessica
2017An experimental platform for evaluating low power wireless communication systems for industrial applicationsHabib, Gilbert; Khoury, Ralph El; Duran-Faundez, Cristian; Haddad, Nicolas K. ; Costa, Daniel G.
2010Experiments on acoustic model supervised adaptation and evaluation by K-Fold Cross Validation techniqueCaon, Daniel R. S.; Amehraye, Asmaa; Razik, Joseph; Chollet, Gérard; Andreäo, Rodrigo V.; Mokbel, Chafic 
2015Face recognition using a fourier polar based approachIshac, Dany; Yammine, Grace; Abche, Antoine 
2009A Fair QoS-Based Resource Allocation Scheme for a Time-Slotted Optical OV-CDMA Network : A Unified ApproachInaty, Elie ; Raad, Robert; Fortier, Paul; Shalaby, Hossam M. H.
2008A Fast approach for ultrasound image reconstructionAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
2017Feature selection for an improved Parkinson's disease identification based on handwritingTaleb, Catherine; Khachab, Maha ; Mokbel, Chafic