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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Voltage Stability Indices and Maximum MVAR LoadabilitySemaan, Nadim; Khaldi, Mohamad 
22018Transient Stability Analysis of Single Machine Infinite Bus with Different Power System StabilizersFahim, Michella; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Frangieh, S.; Chouaifaty, Charbel
32009State Estimation Based Optimal Control and NARMA-L2 Controllers of a Scaled-Model HelicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Abiad, Hassan El
42016STATCOM Dynamic Modeling and Integration in Power FlowTadros, Amanda; Khaldi, Mohamad 
52013STATCOM Control of Ill-Conditioned Power Systems Using Dogleg Trust-Region AlgorithmTobaji, Eddy; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Fadel, Davy
62004Sensitivity Matrices for Reactive Power Dispatch and Voltage Control of Large-Scale Power SystemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
72008Power Systems Voltage Stability Using Artificial Neural NetworkKhaldi, Mohamad 
82002Power Systems Contingency Analysis Software for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
92003Power Systems Analysis Toolbox for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
102012Power Systems Analysis Toolbox : Planning and ContingencyKhaldi, Mohamad 
112009Plant Identification and Predictive Control of a Scaled-Model HelicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Chamchoum, Sayed; Abiad, Hassan El; Abdul Ahad , Elias
122010PI-D Controller with Optimized Parameters of a Scaled-Model HelicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Obeid, Tammam Mostapha
132008Neural Networks and Static Voltage Stability in Power SystemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
141993The modal performance measure for parameter optimization of power system stabilizersKhaldi, Mohamad ; Sarkar, A.K; Lee, K.Y; Park, Y.M
152013Matlab-Based Small Scale Helicopter SimulatorkSalloum, Ibrahim; Ayoubi, A.; Khaldi, Mohamad 
162002Matlab Knowledge-Based Expert System for Voltage Control in an Interconnected Power NetworkKhaldi, Mohamad 
172003An Intelligent Cognitive Expert System for Voltage Control in Power SystemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
182012Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Voltage Stability in Large Power SystemsKhaldi, Mohamad ; Khoury, Christine S.; Naim, Guy
192016An Event-Driven Adaptive Cruise ControllerKhaldi, Mohamad ; Jreijiry, Jessica
202020Discrete-Event Control System : Autonomous VehicleSidawi, Line; Khaldi, Mohamad