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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12017Voltage stability indices and maximum MVAR loadabilitySemaan, Nadim; Khaldi, Mohamad 
22018Transient stability analysis of single machine infinite bus with different power system stabilizersFahim, Michella; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Frangieh, S.; Chouaifaty, Charbel
31-Jan-2024A Survey for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Smart Agriculture: Types and Modelling PerspectivesKaram, K.; Mansour, A.; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Clement, B.; Ammad, M.
42009State estimation based optimal control and NARMA-L2 controllers of a scaled-model helicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Abiad, Hassan El
52016STATCOM dynamic modeling and integration in power flowTadros, Amanda; Khaldi, Mohamad 
62013STATCOM control of Ill-conditioned power systems using dogleg trust-region algorithmTobaji, Eddy; Khaldi, Mohamad ; Fadel, Davy
72004Sensitivity matrices for reactive power dispatch and voltage control of large-scale power systemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
82008Power systems voltage stability using artificial neural networkKhaldi, Mohamad 
92002Power Systems Contingency Analysis Software for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
102012Power systems analysis toolbox: planning and contingencyKhaldi, Mohamad 
112003Power Systems Analysis Toolbox for Education, Research, and TrainingKhaldi, Mohamad 
122009Plant identification and predictive control of a scaled-model helicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Chamchoum, Sayed; Abiad, Hassan El; Abdul Ahad , Elias
132010PI-D controller with optimized parameters of a scaled-model helicopterKhaldi, Mohamad ; Obeid, Tammam Mostapha
142008Neural networks and static voltage stability in power systemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
151993The modal performance measure for parameter optimization of power system stabilizersKhaldi, Mohamad ; Sarkar, A.K; Lee, K.Y; Park, Y.M
162013Matlab-based small scale helicopter simulatorkSalloum, Ibrahim; Ayoubi, A.; Khaldi, Mohamad 
172002Matlab Knowledge-Based Expert System for Voltage Control in an Interconnected Power NetworkKhaldi, Mohamad 
182003An intelligent cognitive expert system for voltage control in power systemsKhaldi, Mohamad 
192012Fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm for voltage stability in large power systemsKhaldi, Mohamad ; Khoury, Christine S.; Naim, Guy
202016An event-driven adaptive cruise controllerKhaldi, Mohamad ; Jreijiry, Jessica