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Title: Assessment of mycotoxins in cornflakes marketed in Lebanon
Authors: Hassan, Hussein F
Awada, Farah
Dimassi, Hani
El Ahmadieh, Christina
Hassan, Nour Bachar
El Khatib, Sami
Alwan, Nisreen
Abiad, Mohamad G
Serhan, Mireille 
Darra, Nada El
Affiliations: Department of Nutritional Sciences 
Issue Date: 2023-11-28
Publisher: National Library of Medicine
Part of: Scientific Reports
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Cornflakes are a popular and convenient breakfast cereal made from corn and widely consumed worldwide, including in Lebanon. However, they are susceptible to mycotoxin contamination, which can have harmful effects on human health. Our study evaluated the occurrence of five mycotoxins (AFB1, OTA, FUM, ZEA, DON) levels in packed cornflakes marketed in Lebanon. A market screening identified 35 different cornflake stock-keeping units (SKU) in the Lebanese market, originating from 10 different brands and having different tastes and shapes. SKUs were collected and tested for five mycotoxins in triplicates using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique. The results showed the presence of the five mycotoxins in the samples. The average levels of AFB1, OTA, ZEA and FUM among positive samples (above limit of detection) were 1.58, 1.2, 15.1 and 774.1 μg/kg, respectively, and were below the EU limits. On the other hand, the average level of DON was 1206.7 μg/kg, exceeding the EU limit. Furthermore, out of the positive samples, 60%, 17%, 9%, 14%, and 6% exceeded the EU limits for DON, OTA, AFB1, FUM, and ZEA, respectively. Notably, SKUs made in Lebanon had significantly (p < 0.05) higher levels of AFB1 and FUM. The packing size of the cornflakes had no significant (p > 0.05) effect on the levels of the five mycotoxins detected in the samples. AFB1, FUM and ZEA levels differed significantly among SKUs (p > 0.05). Considering these findings, further studies should be conducted to assess the exposure to mycotoxins from the consumption of cornflakes in Lebanon, especially among children.
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-023-48172-8
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Type: Journal Article
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