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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Laboratory evaluation of poor subgrade modified using limeNajjar, Pamela; Ghanem, Joseph
2020Le Tournant Hotel and Resort for all seasonsYammine, Karen
2020Leadership in times of crisis : a systematic literature reviewMansour, Marianne
2022Learned helplessness in a sample from Lebanon : a relational analysis with the big five personality traitsKoussa, Nada
2021Lebanese Red Cross - Emergency Medical Services CenterHoualla, Saad
2023Life and price prediction of copper and aluminium cable metalsSerhal, Amina
2020Life cycle assessment of a barrel of diesel refined from lebanese crude oilTayoun, Peter; Bayeh, Samir Al-
2023Life cycle assessment of olive oil and the resulting biomass briquettesMansour, Tia
2023Locus of control and learned helplessness : an examination of Lebanon’s young adult populationHassoun, Lara
2021Long term reduction in hyperglycemia in STZ-induced diabetic mice by virtue of HK M. Aurum preventive treatment : possible effects on glucose utilization, mitochondrial uncoupling and oxidative stress in liver and skeletal muscleAbdallah, Farid
2022The long-term effects of childhood maltreatment on juveniles' delinquency : an attachment theory perspectiveWehbe, Nourhane
2019Lost between the ER and Laboratory DepartmentMatar, Romy
2021The LOX-1 scavenger receptor regulates the response of human aortic endothelial cells to physiological levels of MPO-oxidized LDLHindieh, Judy
2022MACAM 2.0Chidiac, Rami
2021Machine learning : football results prediction modelHindieh, Jad
2019The managerial perception of work-life balance implementation in Lebanese hospitals : case of private vs public hospitalsAbou Abbas, Fatima
2023Maximal number of a family of intersecting triangles in convex positionMoussa, Zaynab
2020Measures of risk in cryptocurrency market using extreme value theorySleiman, Nicole
2023Measuring semantic similarity between Arabic sentencesAli, Siba
2023Mechanisms for lowering organizational taxesKhoury, Elias El; Moussa, Assaad