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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20033-D Image registration using neural network approach and evaluationAbche, Antoine ; Dagher, Issam ; Karam, Elie 
2012Accreditation and quality assuranceKaram, Elie 
2007Analogue to digital conversion for a pressure measurement in a dialysis machineHomsy, Elian; Badawi, Nagham
2006An approach for the evaluation of a 3-D ultrasound image reconstruction techniqueAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
1999Arabic speech recognitionKaram, Elie ; Abche, Antoine ; Farah, Josiane; Tabcheh, Samar
1999Arabic speech recognitionTabcheh, Samar; Farah, Josiane
2010Balancing chamber enhancements in hemodialysis machineAwde, Salim
1999Characterization of arabic musical instruments : the oudJadayel, Oussama Chafiq; Abche, Antoine ; Karam, Elie ; Ahdab, Ahmad; Alameddine, Mohammad; Merhy, A
2015Compression techniques for medical images transmission over multi core optical fiber using CDMAAbche, Antoine ; Salam, Alaa; Inaty, Elie ; Karam, Elie 
2011Continuous measurement of ECG and SPO2 on NI ELVISMatta, Fouad; Tarabay, Claude
2005Design of an EMG controlled artificial ARMGerdak, Mark; Attieh, Wissam
2018Detection of the vocal cords' vibrations: effect of the transducer's positionIshac, Dany; Abche, Antoine ; Matta, Sandrine; Karam, Elie ; Nassar, Georges; Callens, Dorothée
2015Doppler ultrasound blood flow detectorChehade, Serena; Makary, Joe
1999ECG -system design and signal processingKaram, Elie ; Abche, Antoine ; Bou Habib, Bassem; Zoghbi, Giscard El
1994The effect of blood volume loss on cardiovascular response to lower body negative pressure using a mathematical modelKaram, Elie ; Srinivasan, RS; Charles, JB; Fortney , SM
2019Estimation of the elastic modulus of child cortical bone specimens via microindentationSemaan, Marie; Karam, Elie ; Baron, Cecile; Pithioux, Martine
2005Evaluation of an ultrasound image reconstruction technique using monte-Carlo simulation techniqueAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
2008A Fast approach for ultrasound image reconstructionAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Karam, Elie 
2007An FPGA implementation of a high resolution phase shift beamformerAbche, Antoine ; Maalouf, Aldo; Ayoubi, Rafic ; Karam, Elie ; Alameddine, Abdulmonhem 
2006A hybrid approach for the Segmentation of MRI Brain ImagesAbche, Antoine ; Karam, Elie ; Alameddine, Mohammad