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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Academic territorial orders: a look at the writing ethos in business courses in an environment in which english is a foreign languageAnnous, Samer ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2022All sizzle and no steak?Fleonova, Olga ; Adra, Omar M. 
2014The Anglo-Arabic Poetics of “Locksley Hall”: Importation, Oscillation, and DisorientationNaous, Mazen
2013Assessing WAC elements in business syllabiNicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Annous, Samer 
2016Between questions and findings: educational research from around the globeNicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2016Between traditional and multimodal composition: student and faculty perceptions of integrating multiple modes of meaning-making in the writing curriculumAdra, Omar M. 
2015Blogs as a way to enhance EFL reading classes in a lebanese tertiary institutionSoufi, Nada; Saad, Karen; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2017Borders as social entity: crossing borders through intercultural english language educationSalem, Laure R. 
2015A case study on UTAUT and innovationMelki, Antoine ; Nicolas, Maureen O'Day ; Khairallah, Megan R. ; Adra, Omar M. 
2016Collaborative action research as a tool for teachers' professional development: a study in a private lebanese universityFleonova, Olga ; Tassone, Giuseppe 
2016Constructing solidarity and distance in soviet literary textsFleonova, Olga 
2015Constructing the discursive territory of a state: an example of soviet poetryFleonova, Olga 
2015Developing teachers' practice through student teacher supervisionNicolas, Maureen O'Day 
2019Does explicit teaching of critical thinking improve critical thinking skills of English language learners in higher education? A critical review of causal evidenceSoufi, Nada; See, Beng Huat
2018English language textbooks and culture: the local, the target and the interculturalSalem, Laure R. 
2021Exploring university students’ perceptions of the benefits and challenges of incorporating multimodal elements in l2 academic writingAdra, Omar M. 
2014Getting Real: Work, Coolness and Nobokov’s DespairWilliams, Peter
2016Head and dependent marking in the south lebanese arabic noun phraseBekai, Wassim 
2019The impact of chat language on students' academic writingBekai, Wassim 
2012Incorporating intercultural competence in english language teaching in a lebanese university intensive english program context: an action research projectSalem, Laure R.