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Title: The modal performance measure for parameter optimization of power system stabilizers
Authors: Khaldi, Mohamad 
Sarkar, A.K
Lee, K.Y
Park, Y.M
Affiliations: Department of Electrical Engineering 
Keywords: Power system stability
Electric machines
Optimal control
Power system control
Subjects: Damping (Mechanics)
Parameter estimation
Issue Date: 1993
Part of: IEEE transactions on energy conversion
Volume: 8
Issue: 4
Start page: 660
End page: 666
This paper develops an optimization approach using the modal performance measure for the selection of power system stabilizer (PSS) parameters in multimachine power systems. The goal of the optimization problem is to damp out the sustained low frequency oscillations in the outputs of a linearized power system. Thus, the modal performance measure optimization problem is to select a set of PSS parameters so that the area under the envelop of the oscillatory output response will be minimum. This paper also considers bounded and unbounded PSS parameters and compares the effects of bounds on the end results. Furthermore, this work also shows that the performance measure is not a convex function in the PSS parameters. That is, there exist many local minima and possibly a global minimum. Single-machine infinite-bus and two-machine three-bus power systems are used to show the effectiveness of the proposed work.
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Type: Journal Article
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