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Title: Evaluation of the modified flow diagram of production of heat coagulated milk: characterization of zero-cholesterol qishta
Authors: Serhan, Mireille 
Saboubeh, Faida
Hallab, Rami
Affiliations: Department of Nutritional Sciences 
Issue Date: 2017
Conference: International Conference on Food Processing & Technology (19th : 23-25 October 2017 : Paris, France) 
Qishta is a Middle Eastern hand-made heat coagulated cream product, prepared using full fat powdered milk that is heated and skimmed. This study aimed to assess the effects of replacement of milk fat with vegetable fat on the quality and sensory attributes. Qishta was made by the procedure adopted in the oriental sweets industries in Lebanon (Control). Full fat milk is replaced by a blend of skimmed milk and vegetable fat in powdered form. Compositional parameters, profiles of the fatty acids (FAs) and main microbial groups were analyzed using standard methods. Results have shown that this simple replacement could provide consumers with a wider variety of healthy items, especially for those who suffer from high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases or overweight.
Type: Conference Presentation
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