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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Integrating the relationship between attachment strategies and self-regulation among university students in Lebanon : a correlational studyMelhem, Gaelle
2019Integration of hormonal effects (insulin, glucagon and leptin) on key metabolic pathways through a computational perfused fed and fasted rat liver modelHabib, Tania
2023Internship : health awareness materials developer for health awareness sessions at Amel association PHCCS and MMUSHamza, Rayan Mohamad
2022Into the OlivesHarmouch, Jowana
2018Investigating edges and corners detection for biometric recognition : iris detectionNashar, Karla Al
2021Investigating how teachers' background factors and self-perceptions of TPACK abilities affect their acceptance of online platforms in intermediate Lebanese schoolsShamseddine, Norma
2020Investigating the concept of brand addiction and its impact on life happiness and self-esteemKaskas, Mariam; Tlaiss, Salma
2023Investigating the dynamic connectedness between oil consumption and industrialization in the Mena region using TVP-VAR modelItani, Ayman
2019Investigating the effect of sutent on the IMR32 and SK-N-SH NB cell linesYounes, Maroun Abi
2020Investigating the involvement of the enzymes MTHFR, and TP in HCT116 colorectal cancer cells resistance to 5-fluorouracilWakimian, Kevork
2021Investigating the use of interactive whiteboard technology in the English language classroom through the lens of the TPACK frameworkKhair Rahme, Lina
2021Investigation of convective heat transfer in ducts of polygon shapesYoussef, Joe
2023Investigation of convective heat transfer in ducts of triangular shapesChedrawi, Pamela
2021An investigation of NNS/NNS student output during webex-mediated online group work in a Lebanese universitySahyoun, Zahraa
2022An investigation of the approaches to teaching and assessing writing in four private schools in North LebanonBaroud, Amel
2020An investigation of the impact of green building energy efficiency criteria on the heating and cooling loads of an existing buildingNassar, Fouad
2020Investigation of waste to energy techniques with computational fluid dynamics study of gasificationMansour, Nicole
2022Investigation on adding local flow devices on airfoil performanceFakher, Shadi T.
2021Investigation on how thermoplastic composites react to impactTawil, Majd Anwar
2019Is academic performance correlated with physical performance and daily habits of pre-adolescent students in North Lebanon?Masri, Maya El