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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017L'évolution de la conception structurelle et proportionnelle des églises orthodoxes du KouraKahwagi-Janho, Hany
2015La Lumière: existence, transparence et ethiqueNahas, Georges N.
2003Lectures de l'histoire et permanence du passe orthodoxe : auteurs et revues rum orthodox du patriarcat d'Antioche entre 1940 et 1975Mitri, Tarek
2018Liste des vies de saints et des homélies conservées dans les ms. Sinaï arabe 395-403, 405-407, 409 et 423Ibrahim, Habib
2022Nestorians and Catholics in Tibet between the 8th and 20th centuriesRaymond, Alex
2023Optimization of bus routes : case study of the University of BalamandAintrazi, Sarah
2016The periodic aviation maitenance stochastic schedule model (PAM-SS)Yehia, Nabhan
2015Préambule. La Lumière: Existence, Transparence et ÉthiqueNahas, Georges
2019Protestant missionaries perspectives on the arab orthodox and orthodoxy at the turn of the 20th centuryRubeiz, Imad E. 
1997"Social Constructivist Views of Mathematics and their Implications for Citizenship Action in Lebanon"Nasser, Ramzi
2017Terraces of the Lebanese coast : evolution and recovery assessmentTalj, Jina
2016Transatlantic Intersections: The Role of Ralph Waldo Emerson in the Dissemination of Blakean Thought into the Poetry of Walt WhitmanDavidson, Ryan J.
1996Trilingualism in Lebanon : a necessity or a choice?Nahas, Georges N.
2022Working from home in higher education sector : the case of the University of Balamand employeesJabbour, Mira; Attieh, Pamela
2002ʻUmar B. Al-Khattab and the Meccan AristocracyHaddad, Mahmoud
2006((استجواب ((ألف ليلة و ليلةدورليان، جورج
Nov-1994البحث عن المعنى في "نزهة الملاك" لحسن داووددورليان، جورج
1996البحور الخليلية بين التحقق التاريخي والصيغ التدوينيةداغر، شربل 
1997التناص سبيلاُ الى دراسة النص الشعري (وغيره)داغر، شربل 
Jan-1994الجامعة والثقافةنحاس، جورج