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2015The antiwear performance of Molybdenum Disulfide greases using 4 balls wear tests under extreme pressure and optimized loading at different rotational speeds{09}Nehme, Gabi 
2013The Effect of Cyclic Speed on the Wear Properties of Molybdenum Disulfide Greases under Extreme Pressure Loading Using 4 Balls Wear TestsNehme, Gabi 
2011Effect of extreme contact load under two different rotational speeds on reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil in the presence of 1per cent FeF3 catalystNehme, Gabi 
2012The effect of FeF3/TiF3 catalysts on the thermal and tribological performance of plain oil ZDDP under extreme pressure loadingNehme, Gabi 
2011The Effect of Pressure Relief in Prosthetic Sockets on the Wear and Comfort of BK AmputeesNehme, Gabi ; Semaan, Raymond; Oueini, Ramzi
2014The Impact of Surface Roughness and PTFE/TiF3/FeF3 Additives in Plain ZDDP Oil on the Friction and Wear Behavior Using Thermal and Tribological Analysis under Extreme Pressure ConditionNehme, Gabi ; Ghalambor, Saeed
2018The importance of spectrum loading in 2% milled MoS2 powder greases using four ball wear testNehme, Gabi 
2013The Importance of Variable Speeds under Extreme Pressure Loading in Molybdenum Disulfide Greases Using Four-Ball Wear TestsNehme, Gabi 
2018Minimizing Pain in Below Knee Amputees' Patients Wearing Prosthetic Socket by Increasing Flexibility in Specific Relief AreasNehme, Gabi ; Khalife, Youssif; Chagoury, Antoun; Dib, Micheline
2014Optimization of Extreme Load and Break-in Period in Plain ZDDP Oil with FeF3 Catalyst Using Design of Experiment and Fundamental Study under Different SpeedsNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2010Optimization of mechanism of boundary lubrication in fully formulated commercial engine oil using design of experimentNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2015Phosphorus Reduction in Plain and Fully Formulated Oils Using Fluorinated AdditivesNehme, Gabi 
2016Reducing Wear Debris and Increasing Lower-Limb Amputees' Comfort by Optimizing Prosthetic Socket DesignNehme, Gabi ; Ghalambor, Saeed
2016Reducing Wear Debris and Increasing Lower-Limb Amputees' Comfort by Optimizing Prosthetic Socket Design Using Local Contact Pressure Relief and Implementing Appropriate HolesNehme, Gabi ; Dib, Micheline
2017Spectrum Loading in Milled MoS2 Greases Using Four Ball Wear TestNehme, Gabi 
2017Toward minimizing wear in prosthetic socket by optimizing reliefs areasNehme, Gabi ; Khalife, Youssif; Chagoury, Antoun; Dib, Micheline; Ghalambor, Saeed
2016Towards minimizing wear by improving antiwear additives and surface characteristics using reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil under boundary lubricationNehme, Gabi ; Ghalambor, Saeed
2013Tribological and thermal characteristics of reduced phosphorus plain ZDDP oil in the presence of PTFE/FeF3/TiF3 under optimized extreme loading condition and a break in period using two different rotational speedsNehme, Gabi 
2011The Tribological Performance of Plain and Fully Formulated Commercial Engine Oil under 2 Different Rotational Speeds and Extreme Pressure Contact Using Design of ExperimentNehme, Gabi