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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006An Approach for Embedding Regular Analytic Shapes within Subdivision SurfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H; Ma, Weiyin
2020C2-smooth subdivision surface construction from cross-sectionsAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2003Constraint-based timetabling : a case studyAbbas, Abdulwahed; Tsang, Edward P.K
2000Curve interpolation and its applications in geometric modeling and computer graphicsAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2011Curve interpolation by subdivision surfaces: a review of a research directionAbbas, Abdulwahed
2003Deforming Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces for computer graphicsAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2008DEPICT : a high-level formal language for modeling constraint satisfaction problemsAbbas, Abdulwahed; Tsang, Edward P.K; Nasri, Ahmad H
2002Designing Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces with curve interpolation constraintsNasri, Ahmad H; Abbas, Abdulwahed
1999Expert Systems : a survey of current trendsAbbas, Abdulwahed
2007A Framework for Rule-Based Systems in CAGD SoftwareAbbas, Abdulwahed
1999Free-form surface design by polygonal strip complexesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
1995Functional verification of real-time code : a simplified RS232 software repeater problemKearney, P; Staples, J; Abbas, Abdulwahed; Liu, C.
2005Generalized scheme for constructing meshes of catmull-clark subdivision surfaces interpolating net of curvesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2005Generalized scheme for the interpolation of arbitrarily intersecting curves by catmull-clark subdivision surfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2005A generalized scheme for the interpolation of arbitrarily intersecting curves by subdivision surfacesAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H
2012Generalizing polygonal complexes across modeling domainsAbbas, Abdulwahed
2010Generating B-spline curves with points, normals and curvature constraints: a constructive approachAbbas, Abdulwahed; Nasri, Ahmad H; Maekawa, Takashi
2000A generic functional graph search algorithmHawkins, J.; Abdallah, A.; Abbas, Abdulwahed
2008A generic rule-based formulation of knot-insertion across CAD applicationsAbbas, Abdulwahed
2019Hardware architecture for a shift-based parallel odd-even transposition sorting networkAyoubi, Rafic ; Istambouli, Samer; Abbas, Abdulwahed; Akkad, Ghattas