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Title: Generalized Scheme for the Interpolation of Arbitrarily Intersecting Curves by Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Authors: Abbas, Abdulwahed
Nasri, Ahmad H
Affiliations: Department of Computer Science 
Keywords: Subdivision Surfaces
Polygonal Complexes
Subjects: Interpolation
Issue Date: 2005
Part of: International journal of CAD/CAM
This paper presents a scheme for interpolating intersecting uniform cubic B-spline curves by Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. The curves are represented by polygonal complexes and the neighborhoods of intersection points are modeled by X-Configurations. When these structures are embedded within a control polyhedron, the corresponding curves will automatically be interpolated by the surface limit of subdivision of the polyhedron. The paper supplies a construction which clearly shows that interpolation can still be guaranteed even in the absence of symmetry at the X-configurations. In this sense, this scheme generalizes an already existing technique by the same authors, thereby allowing more freedom to designers.
Type: Journal Article
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