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Title: An Approach for Embedding Regular Analytic Shapes within Subdivision Surfaces
Authors: Abbas, Abdulwahed
Nasri, Ahmad H
Ma, Weiyin
Affiliations: Department of Computer Science 
Keywords: Assure
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Springer
Part of: Proceedings of the 24th Computer Graphics International Conference (CGI 2006)
Start page: 417
End page: 429
Conference: Computer Graphics International Conference (24th : 26-28 June 2006 : Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, P. R. China) 
This paper presents an approach for embedding regular analytic shapes within subdivision surfaces. The approach is illustrated through the construction of compound Spherical-Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces. It starts with a subdivision mechanism that can generate a perfect sphere. This mechanism stems from the geometric definition of the sphere shape. Thus, it comes with a trivial proof that the target of the construction is what it is. Furthermore, the similarity of this mechanism to the Catmull-Clark subdivision scheme is exploited to embed spherical surfaces within Catmull-Clark Surfaces, which holds a great potential for many practical applications.
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Type: Conference Paper
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