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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Knowledge, practice pattern and attitude toward asthma management amongst physicians from Nepal, Malaysia, Lebanon, Myanmar and MoroccoChokhani, Ramesh; Razak, Abdul; Waked, Mirna; Naing, Win; Bakhatar, Abdelaziz; Khorani, Urvi; Gaur, Vaibhav; Gogtay, Jaideep
2015Maternal waterpipe smoke exposure and the risk of asthma and allergic diseases in childhood: A post hoc analysisWaked, Mirna; Salameh, Pascale
2017Motivation to quit smoking and acceptability of shocking warnings on cigarette packages in LebanonLayoun, Nelly; Salameh, Pascal; Waked, Mirna; Aoun Bacha, Z; Zeenny, Rony M; El Hitti, Eric; Godin, Isabelle; Dramaix, Michèle
2017Predictors of past quit attempts and duration of abstinence among cigarette smokersLayoun, N; Hallit, S; Waked, Mirna; Aoun Bacha, Z; Godin, I; Leveque, A; Dramaix, M; Salameh, P
1-Jan-2018Predictors of past quit attempts and length of abstinence among waterpipe smokers in LebanonLayoun, Nelly; Hallit, Souheil; Waked, Mirna; Bacha, Zeina Aoun; Leveque, Alain; Dramaix, Michele; Salameh, Pascale
2017Predictors of Readiness to Quit Stages and Intention to Quit Cigarette Smoking in 2 and 6 Months in LebanonLayoun, Nelly; Hallit, Souheil; Waked, Mirna; Aoun Bacha, Zeina; Godin, Isabelle; Dramaix, Michele; Salameh, Pascale
2021Prevalence of asthma, its correlates, and validation of the Pre-School Asthma Risk Factors Scale (PS-ARFS) among preschool children in LebanonHallit, Souheil; Sacre, Hala; Kheir, Nelly; Hallit, Rabih; Waked, Mirna; Salameh, Pascale
8-Sep-2023PRevalence of the Eosinophilic Phenotype Among SeveRE asthma patients in Lebanon: results of the PREPARE studyAbi Saleh, Wajdi; Alameh, Zuhair; Aoun Bacha, Zeina; Bahous, Joudy; Bou Khalil, Pierre; Chahine, Zahia; Chami, Hassan; Dabar, Georges; Dheiny, Hassan; Dib, Alfred; Farhat, Dany; Irani, Carla; Juvelekian, Georges; Kanj, Nadim; Mansour, Bassam; Riachi, Moussa; Waked, Mirna; Yassine, Mohamad; Youakim, Carole; Zeinedine, Salah; Zaitoun, Fares
2021rs6837671A>G in FAM13A Is a Trans-Ethnic Genetic Variant Interacting with Vitamin D Levels to Affect Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseEl Shamieh, Said; Salami, Ali; Fawaz, Mirna; Jounblat, Rania; Waked, Mirna; Fakhoury, Rajaa
2018Surfactant protein D multimerization and gene polymorphism in COPD and asthmaFakih, Dalia; Akiki, Zeina; Junker, Kirsten; Medlej-Hashim, Myrna; Waked, Mirna; Salameh, Pascale; Holmskov, Uffe; Bouharoun-Tayoun, Hasnaa; Chamat, Soulaima; Sorensen, Grith L; Jounblat, Rania
2016Surfactant protein D, a clinical biomarker for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with excellent discriminant valuesAkiki, Zeina; Fakih, Dalia; Jounblat, Rania; Chamat, Soulaima; Waked, Mirna; Holmskov, Uffe; Sorensen, Grith L.; Nadif, Rachel; Salameh, Pascale
2017Validation of asthma control questionnaire and risk factors affecting uncontrolled asthma among the Lebanese children's populationHallit, Souheil; Raherison, Chantal; Waked, Mirna; Salameh, Pascale
2019Validation of the mini pediatric asthma quality of life questionnaire and identification of risk factors affecting quality of life among Lebanese childrenHallit, Souheil; Raherison, Chantal; Waked, Mirna; Hallit, Rabih; Layoun, Nelly; Salameh, Pascale
2019Validation of the St George's respiratory questionnaire and risks factors affecting the quality of life of Lebanese COPD and asthma patientsAkiki, Zeina; Hallit, Souheil; Layoun, Nelly; Cherfane, Michelle; Sacre, Hala; Waked, Mirna; Salameh, Pascale