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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Dec-2022Feasibility of concrete mixtures containing coarse and/or fine recycled brick aggregatesEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Nehme, Salem; Assaad, Joseph 
2019Feasibility of concrete mixtures containing cross-linked polyethylene waste materialsZéhil, Gérard-Philippe; Assaad, Joseph 
8-Apr-2022Flexural and Shear Strengths of Structural Concrete Containing Plastic Wastes and Styrene–Butadiene Rubber LatexEl-Khatib, Ahmad; Assaad, Joseph 
2021Form pressure characteristics of self-consolidating concrete used in repairAssaad, Joseph ; Khayat, Kamal H.
2018Formwork pressure of recycled aggregate self-consolidating concreteMatar, Pierre; Assaad, Joseph 
2020Geopolymer mortar under-waterHewalla, Joud
2019Intradialytic hypotension: beyond hemodynamicsHajal, J; Joubran, Najat; Sleilaty, G; Chacra, D; Saliba, Y; Assaad, Joseph ; Chelala, D; Fares, N
15-Jun-2023Limestone replacements by fine crushed concrete and ceramic wastes during the production of Portland cementAssaad, Joseph ; Mardani, Ali
2020A modular approach for steel reinforcing of 3D printed concrete-preliminary studyAssaad, Joseph ; Abou Yassin, Abdallah; Fatima, Alsakka; Hamzeh, Farook R.
1-Jul-2024Multi-criteria optimization of SBR-modified mortar incorporating polyethylene terephthalate wasteEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Fayad, Tony; Assaad, Joseph ; El Dandachy, Mohamad Ezzedine; Khatib, Jamal; El-Hassan, Hilal
29-May-2023Multi-Response Optimization of Semi-Lightweight Concrete Incorporating Expanded Polystyrene BeadsEl-Mir, Abdulkader ; Fayad, Elias; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Hassan, Hilal
2020New insights on the vane method to evaluate yield stress of cementitious mortarsAssaad, Joseph 
2023Optimization of polyethylene teraphtalate [sic] terephthalate content in mortar using Taguchi methodFayad, Tony
2020Parametric study on polymer-modified pigmented cementitious overlays for colored applicationsAssaad, Joseph ; Nasr, Dana ; Chwaifaty, Stephanie; Tawk, Tarek
Jul-2023Performance of cementitious and slag-fly ash blended geopolymer screed composites: A comparative studyHwalla, Joud; El-Hassan, Hilal; Assaad, Joseph ; El-Maaddawy, Tamer
17-Apr-2023Photocatalytic Activity and Mechanical Properties of Cement Slurries Containing Titanium DioxideJabali, Yasmine ; Assaad, Joseph ; Aouad, Georges 
2019Polymer modified pigmmented [sic] pigmented overlays for colored applicationsTawk, Tarek; Chwaifaty, Stephanie
22-Aug-2023Properties of mortar containing Phragmites Australis AshKhatib, Jamal; ElKhatib, Lelian; Assaad, Joseph ; El Kordi, Adel
2020Qualitative assessment of interfacial bonding in 3D printing concrete exposed to frost attackAssaad, Joseph ; Hamzeh, Farook R.; Hamad, Bilal
Jun-2022Recycling of waste expanded polystyrene concrete in lightweight sandwich panels and structural applicationsAssaad, Joseph ; Mikhael, Charbel; Hanna, Ralph