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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Online collaborative problem-based learning environmentsDannaoui, Elie 
2017Pavone: platform of the arabic versions of the new testamentDannaoui, Elie 
2019Preservation, management and protection of Tangible Underwater Cultural Heritage of Anfeh (North Lebanon)Haroun, Nadine Panayot
2017Preserving the landscape of anfeh, a maritime heritage site in north LebanonHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Semaan, Lucy
1999Public spaces and urban identities : ottoman versus French urbanismDavie, May
2004Public-privé : un binôme à revisiterDavie, May
2012The Russian school in Beirut during the XIX century in: education in Lebanon during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, a catalyst for multiple modernities?Slim, Souad 
2010Saint Georges et la recomposition urbaine de Beyrouth depuis le Moyen ÂgeDavie, May
2018The saint Marina rock shelter in Qalamun: archaeological investigationsHaroun, Nadine Panayot; Mady, Sarah
2007Saint-Dimitri, un cimetière orthodoxe de BeyrouthDavie, May
2012Saint-Georges al-héloué de moncefDavie, May
2012Saint-Théodore-la-nouvelle de rihanéDavie, May
2018Sainte Marina d'el-Qalamoun. Un site énigmatique à l'identité doubleDavie, May
2003Sayyidat al-Bechara à hayy al-qiratDavie, May
2012Sept-dormants d'ephèse de gharzouzDavie, May
2014Survey: applied methodology in Anfeh, LebanonHaroun, Nadine Panayot
2008Théories et réalités historiques de la publicité dans la ville arabe : le cas de BeyrouthDavie, May
2015TIN CAN Client Elgg Plug-In : A Proposed Solution to Integrate Social Media with E-Learning TechnologyChammas, Michel ; Bitar, Amine ; Melki, Antoine 
2020Towards adaptive corpora for digital humanists: new approach to digital scholarly editionsChammas, Michel ; Dannaoui, Elie 
2015A traditional home of composite styles: the Cochrane House in SaifiDavie, May